Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello from the MTC

So my first night here the first thing I said in my journal was that "The MTC is crazy!" They kept us fairly busy with meeting and orientations but It's very easy for me to multi-task in thinking about home and everything I miss about it! It's been pretty difficult focusing on studying the language as well as gospel teachings and not letting my mind wander to other distractions, cuz that's when the homesickness kicks in.

New missionaries arrived today; I already feel like a veteran Elder who's been here for months at a time. I heard just the other day a nickname for the MTC, "spirit prison." It kinda got me thinkin about how if we had chosen Satan's plan to have all of us come to earth and not be tested or trialed but receive a one way ticket to exaltation. That would so boring, and considering the fact that I have never really liked studying all that much this is somewhat similar haha..

Having said that this is also one of the best places I have ever been. The biggest hang up I have is that we don't do anything outside. I can get by with the studying part because studying the Lord's gospel makes me so much happier. It's the fact that we have to stay inside a small classroom that has white walls all around and no fresh air. I am 100 % certain that I was born to be out doors. I was born to take on every adventure that comes my way, which although I didn't expect this kind of adventure it definitely is one that is well worth it!

A day hasn't gone by that I haven't felt the spirit in great amounts. I also realized I have never prayed so much in one day as I do here. It's amazing how much we take for granted the power and gift of prayer. It doesn't matter in what circumstances you pray to Him he listens every single time. I found this to be true when on the first or second day (I can't remember which) me and my comp were told we would be teaching this "investigator" about the gospel. I felt so nervous and overwhelmed that all I can remember doing is saying a prayer to Heavenly Father, "Please tell me what to say cuz I have no idea what to do now." I waited for what seemed like forever and then a thought came into my mind so I asked them a question and the spirit continued to flow again. It was so awesome!

We have lot's of devotionals and small meetings. The devotionals are the best cuz a general authority usually comes and they always have something inspiring to say. As we were talking in our district meeting afterward about it, one of the sisters said something about how we have angels round about us to uplift us when we are down. She mentioned the picture of the pioneers and the angels were helping push the handcarts.

Side note: About my companion, I am very much convinced that Heavenly Father has quite the sense of humor. My comp and I do not get along very well. We are pretty much polar opposites! I've been praying to find a way to help and slowly we are making progress. I've met so many people like him in the past it's not even coincidence. The Lord prepares everyone for what is to come in the future. He knows all and I have seen this throughout my life.

My time is getting short, I'm hoping to be able to get faster at this. We only get a half an hour to write emails and maybe one hour of uninterupted time to write letters. Thank you for everything! There really is nothing you can do that prepares you for MTC life but I feel like there are so many areas where you, mom, have prepared me for it! For instance, one of the Elders has never done laundry before and didn't know how.

I know I am supposed to be here and I know this is the Lord's work. I have one minute left so hopefully this all makes sense! This gospel is true, it has been testified to me by the Holy Ghost.

Elder Farrer

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