Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25, 2009 "18 Days Left in the MTC"

Dear all,

As you could have guessed from the subject of this email I am so excited to go to Norway! Only 18 days til we leave, Heia Norge! Though it's probably a good thing that i'm not leaving just yet cuz i still have plenty to learn and get better at before then.. The language has been getting better but I still can't understand as much as i would like. I learned something new about myself and i figured out why i have a hard time teaching in norwegian. When i teach i don't like to have anything written down before hand so i can focus solely on the investigator, i find it makes it easier to rely on the spirit when teaching like this also. The problem is that when i ask a question i can't understand their answer haha it is difficult to help people when you don't understand what their problem is. The one thing i do know how to do is testify and it brings the spirit into the teach ever time, I love it!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife came to speak to us last night for the devotional! One thing his wife said that i liked was that she said, "no matter how well you know the language, the spirit has no language boundaries or barriers." This has helped me a lot cuz too often i feel disappointed in myself for little i can actually speak and even more how little i can understand. Oh well, as i have heard it so many times from people here as well as from you mom that if i work hard it will come :)

So speaking of Elder Oaks, it was so awesome when he came! He joked around and was waving to everyone as he left. I could see the spirit in him by how happy he was. We all have different ways that the spirit manifests itself to us, the key is to find and strengthen that specific way. I have found that i am so much happier when i am feeling the spirit strongly! I always get excited when I'm reading in the Book of Mormon and some small portion of inspiration comes in directing my thoughts towards a new idea or way i can teach someone a principle. When you have the spirit with you you can do so much more it's great! And it's amazing all the different things it does for you too. The Holy Ghost can help you in those times when you don't know what to say, He will comfort you when you feel sad, down or alone. He can give you strength and energy to continue on. His power is truly limitless and it is such a great gift our Heavenly Father has given us.

I have been getting so excited to go to Norway! I know i mentioned this before but i've been meeting and getting to know people who served their recently and it makes me want to just go right now haha.. Another thing i was just reminded of that Elder and Sister Oaks said multiple times was that we are all Gods sons and daughters. I've heard that so many times throughout my life but i guess it never really hit me as hard as it did last night. Heavenly Father loves us and he is always there for us! I love thinking about that, and i love thinking about all the blessings he gives us by His plan. It's just all so great!

This past week i have especially thought a lot about the word forever.. It is mentioned so many times in the scriptures and really we can't even comprehend it. But just thinking about it more made me realize how true and real it actually is! We WILL be with our families and those we love forever. We will be happy forever. Good things never come to an end! It may seem like it cuz of the trials and pains we go through but there is always more good that will come :) I am so grateful that i have this knowledge cuz it puts all my worries at ease. This is why we share the gospel with others, because so many people are seeking this happiness and joy but "they know not where to find it." I think it is so important to hold on to the burning flame of truth within us and live our lives so that others can see how important knowing this truth really is.

I'm so grateful and blessed to have this knowledge that our Heavenly Father loves each of us personally and he knows how we're feeling all of the time. He is always there for us even if we don't always remember him. I love you all and am so grateful for your examples to me! Thank you for your support and prayers! I hope you have a happy thanksgiving and try not to get too caught up in the business of it haha.. Take time to write out and think about all we have truly been given. I have done this and it was such a blessing to me!

I love you all.

Love Elder Farrer

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