Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Years from Norway!

Hello all,

Well i must say that right now if i were to describe
a mission it would be, emotional rollercoaster haha.. I'm definately
learning how to control my thoughts more so I don't think of home as
often cuz so many things remind me of it.

I'm gonna try and
write today, but it's somewhat difficult though cuz my companion just
wants to go play games and stuff all day so i don't have much time to
write too much and I had trouble buying stamps so mom is working on
taking care of that issue with my bank account.

It sounds
like Christmas went pretty good this year yeah? I can see how it would
go better with it being less chaotic and noisy haha.. I've been working
on greeting others with love and on having more charity towards
everyone around me. (Even strangers on the streets) It really helps you
be happier and it uplifts others as well :)

My comp is Elder
Lewis. He's from a small town in Utah that starts with a B and I can't
remember what it's called haha.. He is truly 100% better than my comp
from the mtc haha.. I know it sounds bad to say but it's very true :)
The only way we clash is that he is a very messy person and I like
things to be very organized haha but no biggy.

I am so grateful
to be serving a mission right now! It has blessed me so much. I have
such a greater appreciation for everything around me. Relationships
with the people I love means so much more now. We had dinner with this
family last night and they were so nice. The mom kept giving me
encouragement about how fast the mission will start to pass by and this
may sound bad but I look forward to that day when the days do go by
faster. Not just because I miss home so much but that I look forward to
what I will become after two years of this great work. When the days go
by faster it will mean I'm workin hard and stayin' busy too haha..
Also, as Elder Holland told us at the mtc "You cannot have a reunion
without leaving first. And oh how sweet that reunion will be upon
return from a successful mission" I am looking forward to that day! I
am working now so that when I look back at my two years I can say
without a doubt that I did my best and wouldn't do it any other way.

hope all goes well this week and good luck with everything! Thanks for
the emails, they truly mean so much not matter what they say :)


Elder Dano

ps I'm workin on getting a name badge that says "Eldste Dano" how cool would that be?!

one more thing haha.. So we get to stay up til 1 am New Years eve to
New Years. It'll be crazy cuz we still have to wake up at 630 the next
morning! Also I'm gonna try for pics next week :)

Gud vær med deg til vi ses igjen - God be with you til me meet again

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Address in Norway

Elder Daniel Farrer
Pilestredet Park 19 #401
0176 Oslo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Address in Norway

Elder Daniel Farrer
Norway Oslo Mission
Postboks 94
NO-1306 BPT

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Arrived in Norway

We are all exhausted! Everyone will be off tomorrow to their new
assignments! It was a great evening! This is an awesome group!

Eldste Mathews is off to Stavanger
Eldste Farrer Oslo
Eldste Brush Moss
Eldste Whitehead Fredrikstad
Soster Moholt Trondheim

They will email you on Monday! All is well!

Just Arrived In Norway!

Hey family!

Well we all made it here!! It’s way awesome and I’m excited to get started! Can’t wait to talk more on Christmas! Love you all!

Love, Elder Farrer

Dear Brother and Sisters,

We just wanted to let you know they have arrived and all is well! I will include some photos later tonight. Look for the email after we have dinner at the Mission Home.

We are glad to see them!

Sister Arnesen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Final Days in the MTC - December 9, 2009

Hei hei,

I took a before and after pic of my stomach showing how much food we get here plus all the goodies everyone sends haha.. (my "fat" pic is a slight exaggeration haha) I've only gained like 3 pounds and i think it's because i just eat a ton of food (as usual) but then i sit and it begins to stick to the insides of my body haha.. It's true they give you like no good blankets to sleep with and this past week our room temp has been 63 degrees and maybe 65 on a "warm" day haha.. but you can ask for more blankets in the service area in his building cuz they will give you more. I've just been sleeping in my jacket and socks :) so no worries. The past two weeks I've had a bad sinus infection cuz of sleeping in the cold, go figure haha.. But I've been loading up on golden seal three times a day and i'm seeing some progress slowly.

One of our teachers was tellin' us that in Norway the apartments are way nice as far as staying warm. When you turn on the heater it gives instant heat! The floors are also heated which is pretty much better than what we have here haha.. I think they live fairly well over there :)

We got flight plans!! So my flight leaves at 8:30 am Monday morning. We have to meet in the travel office at 5 am that morning! I'll try and call from the SLC airport but i don't know how much time I'll have.. but in JFK airport we have a 3 hour layover so I'll call from there. Then we fly from there to Austria then to Oslo! I don't think I'll be calling from Austria haha but I'll be calling again in a few weeks for Christmas :)

I am so excited to go to Norway! Both of our teachers have been bringing pictures and telling us about all their experiences they had there. It just makes me want to be there and meet all the people! Everyday I gain a stronger testimony in knowing that Norway is exactly where I'm supposed to serve. It all just feels/sounds so right it's great!

Yesterday was kinda weird cuz I've had many deja vu's here before but never as many as yesterday. I think it's one of my favorite things to be sitting listening to someone talk or be reading/ pondering and feel like "I've seen this before" or "I've been here before." It's kinda like a testimony that I'm making the right decisions and I'm at the right place in my life.

Looking back at my stay here I have thought many times that "wow, i really don't like the mtc" haha but I truly have grown so close to my Savior and my testimony of the truthfulness of His gospel has grown exponentially! I am so grateful for that :) I want to continue to grow closer to Him. That has been the greatest part of my mission thus far, learning of the Lord and all He does/ has done for us. (and continues to do!) I am thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost, without it i could not do what I'm set out to do. It is such a great gift and we need to exercise this gift as much as possible. I came to the realization that i had never really thought about before, this past week. I never realized that we should truly be relying on and using the Spirit all the time! I've never really done that before and I feel so much better when I do use it. For some reason I've just thought that "oh I'll just listen to the spirit when i write a talk or read the scriptures." but listening to the spirit can never be over used. It is there for our benefit and it has so many roles that only have positive influences on us.

I am so happy to be serving our Savior. I've come so much closer to him and all that he does for me. We are so blessed in every way we can possibly think of! I know this is the only true church and we are so lucky cuz we know it's true! I love you all and can't wait to talk to you on Monday :)

Until then..


Elder Dano

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 2, 2009 11 days until departure!

God dag!

Well I haven't received my flight plans and departure info yet and I am both nervous and anxious to leave. No joke i am getting so tired of being inside all day, i love to be outside. I think it's so interesting how many things we take for granted when we have them all of the time. That's one of the biggest things i've learned thus far is how much I care about all the blessings i had before. I mean i still have them i'm just leaving them behind for a period of time. But i never realized how nice it is to just say i feel like taking a walk, and then doing it haha. Having said that, I am happy to be a missionary and servant of the Lord! It is such a privilege and honor to try to repay even a small fraction of what He has given me. I am so grateful for all the things i am learning here and i feel like i've grown so much closer to my savior. I can't wait to help bring this truth to a person in Norway and see that light come into their eyes that says, "I know it's true!"

So i'm really starting to miss listening to music. I've been singing a lot but believe it or not that can actually get old after a while haha.. Another reason why i can't wait to get into the field, of course that's obviously not the biggest reason:) I'm happy to report that the language has been coming along much better (though it's still quite difficult to understand someone when they speak it at their normal speed). Elder Brush told me the other night i was saying some stuff in Norwegian in my sleep! haha it's weird cuz the words i've learned and practiced saying i find myself just saying them and not having to think of the words in English first, It's wonderful!

So thanksgiving was a little different here as you can probably imagine. We started the day off with plenty of study time and then a morning devotional after that. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke and it was so sweet! He went about his talk a little differently. A few weeks ago we were all asked to write down questions about missionary work and submit them to the MTC prez. So Elder Holland picked some of these and decided to answer them. He just taught us by the spirit and it was so powerful. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was when he said, "It's good that your homesick; in fact I want you to be!" He talked about how important the family is and that we should never forget that. It was such a powerful meeting. We had our thanksgiving dinner after that (not anything like what you make mom:) And after that we did a humanitarian service project where we put together first aid kits. I was definately homesick cuz we had lots of extra time to think; so i had to make sure and keep myself busy haha.

Something i've thought about a lot more this past week is how happy you can feel when you forget about yourself and worry about others. I've been striving to do this and when i do focus more on helping others i am so much happier. It reminds me of that scripture in Matthew that says he who finds his life shall lose it and he who loses his life for my sake shall find it. It almost seems backwards to think about but I know this is true! If you are feeling down and are searching for happiness; forget yourself and help others. It's difficult to do but the blessing that comes from it is almost indescribable.

Well i'm about out of time again.. This is always the fastest 30 min of my day haha. We are so blessed to have the truth in our lives! I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that I have been given this opportunity to serve Him for these two years. I love this gospel, it makes me so happy and i don't know what i would do without it! I love you all and pray for you always! I have felt your prayers and thank you for them.

Lyyke til!

Love Elder Farrer