Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Years from Norway!

Hello all,

Well i must say that right now if i were to describe
a mission it would be, emotional rollercoaster haha.. I'm definately
learning how to control my thoughts more so I don't think of home as
often cuz so many things remind me of it.

I'm gonna try and
write today, but it's somewhat difficult though cuz my companion just
wants to go play games and stuff all day so i don't have much time to
write too much and I had trouble buying stamps so mom is working on
taking care of that issue with my bank account.

It sounds
like Christmas went pretty good this year yeah? I can see how it would
go better with it being less chaotic and noisy haha.. I've been working
on greeting others with love and on having more charity towards
everyone around me. (Even strangers on the streets) It really helps you
be happier and it uplifts others as well :)

My comp is Elder
Lewis. He's from a small town in Utah that starts with a B and I can't
remember what it's called haha.. He is truly 100% better than my comp
from the mtc haha.. I know it sounds bad to say but it's very true :)
The only way we clash is that he is a very messy person and I like
things to be very organized haha but no biggy.

I am so grateful
to be serving a mission right now! It has blessed me so much. I have
such a greater appreciation for everything around me. Relationships
with the people I love means so much more now. We had dinner with this
family last night and they were so nice. The mom kept giving me
encouragement about how fast the mission will start to pass by and this
may sound bad but I look forward to that day when the days do go by
faster. Not just because I miss home so much but that I look forward to
what I will become after two years of this great work. When the days go
by faster it will mean I'm workin hard and stayin' busy too haha..
Also, as Elder Holland told us at the mtc "You cannot have a reunion
without leaving first. And oh how sweet that reunion will be upon
return from a successful mission" I am looking forward to that day! I
am working now so that when I look back at my two years I can say
without a doubt that I did my best and wouldn't do it any other way.

hope all goes well this week and good luck with everything! Thanks for
the emails, they truly mean so much not matter what they say :)


Elder Dano

ps I'm workin on getting a name badge that says "Eldste Dano" how cool would that be?!

one more thing haha.. So we get to stay up til 1 am New Years eve to
New Years. It'll be crazy cuz we still have to wake up at 630 the next
morning! Also I'm gonna try for pics next week :)

Gud vær med deg til vi ses igjen - God be with you til me meet again

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