Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Interesting Week Has Come & Gone:)

This past week has been way crazy! I cannot believe it's only been a week cuz it felt like a lot longer with all that has happened haha..

First about New Year's Eve. So we went to Romerike to help some members with their party. We ended up helping make food for like 7 hours straight! I was cutting garlic for most of that time as well as peeling pretty much a million potatoes and my fingers still smell from the garlic haha..

We got permission from president to stay out til one that night so we hung out for a while after the food was all ready. The Norwegians really take New Year's seriously here. I think us Americans need to take notes on all the fireworks they use. I took a small video of all the fireworks going off and they were all around us in the sky! Nothing is illegal so they use any kind of firework they can find :) It was great but i decided one thing, the holidays kinda suck when you're not with your family.. Maybe next year will be easier.

Anyway, after the party we got stuck with taking this random guy to his supposed place he had reserved to stay in that night. No one could understand him when he spoke and we thought he was from germany. It turned out he's from sweden and just speaks really badly haha.. So we took him to this place and we later realized (after reading an email he got from these people) that they told him before that they didn't have any place for him to stay. We then drove around Oslo to try and find him a hotel, yeah hotels are filled during new years! He ended up staying in the mission home that night and had to figure out something else for the next night. This guy had nothing planned and i have no idea how he even got here! Nobody knew anything about him and he just kinda hung around. The best way i can think to describe him is that he is a swedish version of mr. bean haha..

Now for a way cool spiritual experience i had. Well i've never really felt like i was that good at responding/acting by promptings of the spirit, but last night was an experience that helped strengthen my testimony. So I went out contacting with Elder Hill and I had prayed, the night before, about where we should go. I felt like we should go to this specific place. After we got there we decided to pray that we would find someone who was prepared and needed the gospel. We walked up from the T-bane and waited for the spirit. Suddenly i saw this older guy walking across the street and I felt like we had to talk to him! We promptly walked over to him and I about fell down right in front of him cuz of all the ice everywhere haha.. Anyway I said we were out talking to people about how god helps families today. Then i asked him what his family means to him. He of course said they mean everything to him. He then proceeded to tell us that his son died about five years ago. We asked him if he had ever thought about if he can see his son again. He said he thinks about that everyday! Then we got his number and will call him later today. I am so grateful for that opportunity to be an instrument in our heavenly father's hands! We said something to him that was exactly what he needed to hear and I know we couldn't have done it without the spirit! It is so important to live our lives to be worthy of this great gift. It can help us with everything if we just be patient and let it.

I love having the gift of the holy ghost, it is such a blessing! I feel so much happier when I utilize it more often. I am constantly reminded by the thought that you can never use it enough. You can always use it more and we should use it much more.

Oh i almost forgot, we got a baptismal date this past week too! An 11 year old girl named Aslaug will be getting baptised on the 30th of this month. It's great, everytime we go to teach her she pretty much knows everything about what we talk about. Her parents and older siblings are members but they haven't come to church very often. But her dad and bro came this sunday so that was great to see!

I've been very blessed with many spiritual experiences that I needed so much! Yesterday I felt so close to the spirit that i know that's why we got 4 new potential investigators and I actually said some things in norwegian that helped :) I think missionary work becomes a lot better when you can actually be involved with it all.

I am grateful for so many things! I have been blessed and I continue to be everyday. Sometimes I need to look closer for those blessings than others but they are still there! I love the lord and I love this gospel. If we truly embrace it it makes us happier.

i hope this week goes well. We're going sledding right now but i think i'll have a little more time for email later.

Though we are so far away may the spirit bring us close together.


Eldste Farrer

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