Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy January:)

God Morgen!

I'm feeling so happy this morning it has been so great! I had a great study on relying on the spirit and i absolutely loved it :) I feel so blessed in all the our heavenly father does for us, it truly is amazing how he teaches us by the spirit. He teaches us lessons all the time and it helps so much.

It's interesting how we can go for so long hearing/being taught the same things and still not quite get it. Then all of the sudden it just clicks and pierces to the heart. At least that's how it often is for me. I often find myself looking for an answer, feeling completely lost and hopeless. Then a thought comes to mind or someone says something that just says "duh!" and that's it :)

It's been way cold here haha oh goodness! It's hard to stay positive when your outer extremities start to get numb haha but i'm workin on it. Yes, I got the package a few days ago actually and it was so wonderful to have a warm coat to wear:) Thanks for all that was in there! The pillow has been nice as well, i think it's helping my sinuses also. The letters were very nice to read too since i really don't get any out here haha.

Miracles are definitely happening here in our mission. My mission president is so ecstatic about baptisms and they are happening! Our goal for this year is 120 baptisms and we are well on our way for it :) I know that the Lord is with us always for i have seen it in my life and in other people's lives here. We had a baptism this last Saturday and the spirit was so wonderful to feel there! It was such a sweet experience and I was so happy to be a part of it :)

I'm so grateful you mentioned the lord won't allow me to hinder his work because of a language barrier. I really needed to hear that and it is good to think about. It's hard to not be hard on myself. I just want to be able to speak it cuz i know i could do so much more if i only could. Oh well your right, patience is a virtue. I think the lord has been teaching me patience my entire life and I'm just as stubborn in learning it now as i always have been. I don't like waiting haha.

It sure is important to laugh and smile, especially in the hardest of times! That is my goal this week, and my goal overall i guess. I am going to find more happiness than I could have ever possibly dream of. Then I am going to share that with others. I've already been given happiness in this gospel, but i want more :) I think it's interesting that when we talk about greed we use it more commonly in a negative sense like wanting more money. But we really are just greedy with happiness, we want more of it and i don't think that's a bad thing at all. In fact i think that's what keeps us going. I yearn for happiness and that's what motivates me to achieve something greater.

So the other day i sat in on a teach with the sister missionaries. They were talking with this guy name Senthil. This dude is so amazing! He kept telling the sister that he expects them to teach him more than what they have been teaching about. He wants more details and more scriptural references so that he can become a member. He wants to learn literally everything so that he can teach other people! The thing is that he wants us to teach him everything and not do very much studying on his own. But he is such a positive investigatore. He said to them "I believe what you are telling me is true, I want to get baptised." It was way cool :)

It's interesting, sometimes i find myself thinking that i'll be doing this forever but really i don't have much time to serve. Two years is truly not that long and I'm grateful for the time that i do have to serve. I just hope i can have enough time to be more successful in the time i have been given. The hardest thing for me has been not being able to think clearly cuz of my sinuses. I have a hard time focusing on teaching by the spirit when i just feel like i'm in a fog. But i know that if the lord wants me here then it will work out, whether it's by drugs or something else haha.

Even though I have those days where I am so utterly confused and can't decipher my own thought process I still know one thing with absolute assurance. God is here with each of us. He knows each one of us. I know this is His true church. Christ knows each one of us. I know He loves us. Sometimes it's hard to believe but He has an unconditional love for us. I am so grateful for all that he does for me and continues to do.

I hope your week goes good and all is well. Stay warm :) I love you!

With love,

Eldste Dano

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