Monday, February 22, 2010

Last week of February, a whole new beginning‏

Hi everyone,

The church just recently switched over to using gmail as their email provider, yay! So now my new email address is: Emails will still come from the other one but this is the new one :)

So this week has been one full of alot of changes but it has been way good! It is way crazy how fast February has gone by though. I can't believe it's the last week, THIS WEEK! We had like two teaches but it was a sweet learning experience to go through. I got my new companion on wednesday, he's a great guy and we get along really well :) Having been the only one in our area who know's "what's up" I had to put the senior pants on and take charge. It was an interesting and humbling experience haha. I realized how difficult it is to understand Norwegian over the phone. But it was a push that i really needed to get me progressing onward. I've been working on a way cool plan to try and get the members here excited about helping in missionary work.

I found that even though I still can't say or understand very much Norwegian I can still get things done, so that's what i'm doin. We're looking at trying to set up a class of some sort to help members know the best way to invite their friends and neighbors to learn about the gospel. So far we've gotten some pretty good ideas and it's looking like it'll work out for the better, we'll see :)

We've been really blessed this week as far as new investigators that are really positive. So i have a few cool stories :)

First, the other day we were sitting in district meeting talking about / practicing finding techniques when these two spanish people came into the center. They were interested in coming to our free language class that we offer here. Conveniently, the woman (Chamila) only spoke Spanish. But, my companion speaks spanish! This lady's husband spoke English pretty good but she did not haha. Anyway, she just started talking to Elder Harris (my comp) about how wonderful and awesome the church is. She talked about how great Joseph Smith was and did that Italian thing where they kiss their fingers and put their hand up after they've tasted something very delicious. They came to church the next day and we're meeting with them on Tuesday. It was great cuz they stayed for a dinner they had at the church and talked with a bunch of the Spanish speaking members in the ward! I know that the Lord's hand was definitely apart of this and it was not a coincidence that we met them here.

The next short story just has to do with finding. We had 3 people not show up to appointments we had set yesterday so we decided to go out and find some of the Lord's "elect." We prayed about going to a specific area and both felt good about getting 5 peoples numbers and at least one first appointment set. Oh and it was pretty much colder than Antarctica out too haha.. It turned into a great experience cuz we ended up getting very blessed for being out in those conditions. We got not one but three first appointments and three numbers with potential appointments later in the week! The Lord has blessed us so much and it is awesome :)

I was reading in Alma chapter 7 and thinking about how blessed we are to have been given this perfect plan to receive eternal happiness. That makes me so happy :) haha. I love reading the scriptures cuz they are so rich in promises and I just feel great after reading them. The words in the Book of Mormon are truly blessed words that have such and incredible power to strengthen, sustain and heal any need or problem we are faced with. I love this gospel and I am so grateful for everything it has given me and the person it is building me into.

I love you all and I hope the Lord's blessing will shower down upon you! Our Heavenly Father has so many blessings available for us we just have to work a little for them.


Elder Farrer

P.S. Some pics from Vigelands Parken are attached haha the arts of Europe. My trainer, Elder Lewis is in one of them :)

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