Monday, February 15, 2010

My final week as a "greeny"

Hello everyone,

Wow it's president's day? haha not for Norway :) Hey kak, Happy Belated Birthday!!! "Da da da Happy Birfday!" :) Hope you had a wonderful day!

This week has been a really good one actually and we had a lot more teaches too! We needed to teach a lot more though so i'm upping my number of teaches goal and hopefully increase the number of people who wanna get baptized.

I haven't seen too many tourist places except for Vigelands Parken last Monday. I'll send some pics of it. It's just a huge park of a ton of naked statues.. It was quite interesting haha.

So I had a somewhat humbling experience this past week during a teach with Emmanuel. He's from Africa and he's only been here for about a month. Anyway, as we were teaching him the restoration for the second time me and Elder Lewis noticed he wasn't really paying attention at all. We asked him what he was thinkin about and he just kinda paused for a while.. He started telling us that in about two weeks he won't have a place to stay anymore and he didn't know where to look for another apartment. He barely speaks English and doesn't speak any Norwegian. He continued to talk about how hard it is to survive here as he was fighiting back tears. He told us that he's here illegally and no one will hire him cuz he doesn't have any documents. I felt so bad for him and I really wanted to help but there was nothing we could do.

I've met a lot of people like Emmanuel. Hundreds of people are coming here from Africa cuz they had heard that life will be so much better for them. Once they get here they just end up fighting for a place to stay and someone to hire them.

On Friday morning i found out who my next companion is going to be. His names Elder Harris and from what I've heard about him he seems like a pretty good guy. I'll still be in Oslo for another two months which i think is good cuz I need more time to get to know the members.

It's been starting to warm up a little bit and the sun is staying out a little bit more each day. Anytime we go out finding I walk slower in the sunny areas away from all the buildings haha ah it feels soo nice.

I hope all goes well with everyone this week. The church is still true, even in the upper parts of the world :)


Elder Farrer

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