Monday, March 15, 2010

No Fear-Only Faith!

It's been a really good week. I've officially been in the land for 3 months, yay!! We had another baptism on Saturday with a guy named Johnny P Bandura haha. He's a way awesome dude and his name is just great. So the sister's asked me and two of the members from the ward to sing for it. We sang "Be Still my Soul" with different words. I don't know how well I did but the spirit was way strong and it felt wonderful! I wish I could explain better how strong the spirituality level was. All I can say is that on a scale of 1-10 it was way higher than 10 :)

We met with Carlos and Yamilla last night and things are still going great with them. It's so easy to teach them because any time we teach they agree with everything. It's especially sweet after we say something like "One day we'll live with God again" and Yamilla goes "WOW!" haha she's great. They're both so willing and humble to do everything we tell them they need to before baptism. It's incredible how prepared some people are by the time they meet us. We also told them about general conference and she's super excited to hear from the prophet :)

I decided the week before last that I wanted to see more of the Lord's hand in my life and in others' lives. As i payed attention more often I could really see how much help I've been getting and how everything works out when in reality it shouldn't work out that perfectly haha.

We finally got our investigator, Thomas, to come to church yesterday. He had been meeting with the missionaries for a long time and had never come to church before. It hasn't been until recently that he's realized the spirit he feels here in the center and when we teach him. We've been working with him on choosing a baptism through prayer and we're hoping to get him closer to deciding.

Everyday I realize how much more we have available as far as help that comes from our Heavenly Father. I have definitely not used all the tools he has given me as much as i could have. He offers so much and asks for so very little in return. If that isn't the best bargain you can find I don't know what is. Sorry for such a short update, we still have lot's of errands to run and i didn't have time earlier cuz we took a tour of the Freia chocolate factory (currently owned by kraft haha) The gospel is still the greatest news around and everyone needs to hear about it :)


Eldste Farrer

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