Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day After Easter-He is Risen

Hello all,

Easter was pretty interesting cuz we didn't really do anything differently from other days except watching conference, which was absolutely wonderful :) The only common celebration Norwegians do for the Easter holiday is they all buy a ton of oranges, kvikk lunsj (basically a more delicious kit kat bar) and an orange soda drink called Solo. Then they take it all up to there cabin and eat only that for a week haha. Not the greatest celebration for what the real meaning behind the holiday but what can ya do?

Well I just want to echo other people's words in saying that conference was so great :) I got so much from every talk I loved it! I received an answer to every question\prayer I needed answered. Last week I had been feeling pretty depressed cuz we kept having plenty of appointments set but people just wouldn't show up or cancel an hour before. It just seemed like we weren't reaping any fruit of our labors which doesn't feel too good haha. Up until Saturday night (after watching the first session of conference at 6pm here :) I felt lower than I have felt in a long time. But the spirit spoke to me as each apostle spoke. That night I realized how much more I needed my Savior. It made me want to become more like Him in all that I do. Since then I've already been so much happier :) Sincere prayer is such a blessing that I know works!

I can't remember if I mentioned this in my last email but Carlos and Yamile were called into work on Sunday so we couldn't confirm them until Friday. We met them at the church last Friday and I was able to confirm Carlos. Luckily it was in English :) First time ever doing that and It felt so great! I also had the opportunity to give my first Priesthood blessing in Norwegian! I was a little nervous at first but that all went away once the spirit began to flow. I am so grateful for the blessing to be a Priesthood holder. Once again I felt like I benefited more from giving the blessing than the recipient did :)

My sinuses are soo much better now it's fantastic! I think it has a lot to do with the weather but i've been spraying this stuff up in there for a while which is pretty good. Allergies are gone for now and honestly I've been feeling great :) My testimony has grown so much in how powerful the spirit can be if you're living right and doing your best. I don't feel tired during the day time anymore unless I sit down for too long haha. If i'm striving to do what i'm supposed to then the energy is provided. You know it's been a good day when you sit down at the end of the night and fall asleep as soon as your eyes close :) It's an interesting thing though, I become much more tired at times if I start to be less diligent in the work. The less hard I work the more tired I become haha.

It's amazing to me to see how far i've actually come in the language since i've been in Norway. We haven't really had any teaches in Norwegian for a long time and I can still communicate fairly well. I can, for the most part, ruffle my way through a conversation haha. It'll be nice when I can be around native speakers more so I can put into use what i've studied. I was telling President Johansen this and he said that's good cuz you'll be moving from Olso this transfer. So that's made me curious to find out where i'll be going next.. Oh the suspense :)

One final thought.. We were out contacting last Friday and we met this girl from Sweden. We started talking to her a little bit about the plan of salvation. She was way interested and we'll be meeting with her this week. I was way surprised cuz the people who are the most interested here are not Norwegian\Swedish\Danish haha. We've had to try and find different ways of telling people our message. Interestingly enough Norwegians think they have it all to perfect here, which is true to a certain extent, but they are still missing the one thing that makes all the difference in eternal happiness :) What a great call it is to share the gospel with others. I'm so grateful for this calling!

I included some pictures of random shots I took last p-day. Hey Brent how do ya like the Obama posters hangin on each side? haha.
I decided I haven't taken pictures of things around in the city enough. Hopefully we'll be going out sometime later so I can take/send more pictures :)

I hope you have a good week! The gospel is still the greatest news around :) I love you all


Eldste Farrer

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