Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome to.. Arendal!‏

Dear everyone,

A little about my area.. At first I was a little skeptical because Oslo had really started to grow on me. I got used to the large, business of it all and I quite enjoyed it. Here it's a completely different story haha. We had about 10-15 members in church on Sunday. I was asked to give a short info about me/testimony in sacrament meeting. That's pretty intense to do in another language, but it was good :)

They have a slightly different dialect than pure Bokmål so it can be pretty difficult to understand. In fact most of it I have no idea what they're saying to me haha.. I guess i'm making some progress though cuz a member said that my Norwegian is the best he's heard out of missionaries in a long time. At least i think that's what he said, he's kind of hard to understand :) I've gotten pretty comfortable with talking to people but I have a hard time understanding them.

After this Sunday I've pretty much met all the member's who are active haha. It's way different than Oslo cuz you are actually known instead of just another nametag. One of the members, Dagfinn, is such a trooper missionary. He's 82 I think and he comes on splits with the missionaries all the time. Btw he told me to send his regards :)

We're teaching a bunch of people right now. Many of them have been taught for along time and just need a little extra push to get movin. We had a way good teach with this guy named Helge. I talked to him about how I received my answer that the Book of Mormon is true and he said that he'd be baptized once he got his answer.

Another thing I love about this area, all the hills, water and boats! You can kind of see the boats on the right side of the picture. It's too bad we can't go out of boats cuz I would if it were allowed :) Anyway we do a lot of walking up and down hills. I've seen a lot of pretty country area and it's been nice.

I hope everything goes well this week. I know this is the Lord's true church and He is in every aspect of it. We are a part of such a great work and an exciting time in the world. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I'm eternally grateful for is sacrifice for me.



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