Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arendal is just great!

So this past week has been interesting but in the end it was quite rewarding. On Sunday we taught in priesthood meeting. The first time doing that in a different language haha.. I was way nervous about it at first but I was actually excited about doing it when it came down to it. I was definitely blessed with language ability and understanding cuz a lot of the time I felt like I had no idea what some people's comments were but luckily I got the general gist of what they were saying, most of the time haha.

I really enjoyed Sunday here. It was a lot quieter than a larger ward but it was nice and peaceful. We had had a lot of appointments cancelled so the weekend was pretty much a bummer. It just felt so good to be able to partake of the sacrament and be renewed for another week.

Something else cool about Sunday. This less active guy just recently moved here from Stavanger with his girlfriend. Apparently she told the branch president that she wants to be baptized so they can be married in the temple. So all in all we couldn't teach very many people during the weekend but we have a very positive potenstial who wants to be baptized :) Blessings come in many various ways I guess haha.

I found out a little bit more about Dagfinn and his background, which is way interesting. He drives the local ferrie from different islands around here but when he was younger he was the captain of huge ships. He said one of the ships he was captain of took 7 miles to come to a full stop. He's way funny, the first time I meet him he started talking to me in English and he has a britain accent cuz that's the kind of English he learned haha.

I've only been here for a week and a half but I already love all the people here :) We had dinner with the branch president and his family yesterday. They like 11 kids and it felt just like home when we were there. They are the most Utahn-mormon family in Norway haha it's great. All the kids were runnin around after we ate dinner and it was just like Sunday's at grandma's :) There family makes up pretty much the entire branch. They do almost everything that needs to be done.

We've been talking with an investigator who travels around the world a lot and he basically takes his motorcycle everwhere. He's biked across most places in Europe and speaks way good English. He always talks to us in English so he can get more practice, I've been trying to talk with him in Norwegian to get more practice. I may just start speakin in Norwegian to him and he can just speak English to me haha. It's strange how the brain works. Somedays I feel like I can understand almost everything then the next day it's almost like these people are speakin to me in Arabic haha.. One day perhaps I'll dream in Norwegian and things will be a bit easier :)

So Saturday we played soccer again with people who are from Iraq. They get way crazy and start shouting at each other in Arabic whenever someone fouls another. We talked to this guy, Alli, afterwords and he said that if we'll teach him better English then he'll teach us Arabic. I told him "Deal, when can we start." haha.. Maybe we can introduce him to the gospel after a few language courses :)

We had a way cool experience in the morning on Saturday. We had already had two people cancel on us so we were feeling pretty down. We had about 45min before our next supposed appointment. I suggested that we pray to the Lord for help to find one positive potential in that amount of time. We prayed to know who the person was and where they were. I had a distinct impression to go over by the Library and there would be a woman with a few specific things about. We walked over there and I saw a woman sitting on a bench who matched the description. I was a little skeptical at first but we started talking to her and she was really interested in hearing more about The Book of Mormon. I must say I was a little surprised that it all actually worked out. I was so grateful to be used as an instrument to find those who are seeking the truth!

What a great gift we have all been given. Truth can be so hard to find in these days and it is of such great worth! I am so grateful for the gospel we have. It brings so much happiness in my life and I have seen that happiness be brought into the lives of others'. The work is still moving forward and it's so exciting :)



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