Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday

Dear All,

So it has been somewhat of a "blue" day for me today. I think I keep looking too hard for that "perfect day" to come and I haven't been able to find it just yet.. Then again it all depends on your attitude towards things right? :)

Almost everyday last week I had a pretty big headache that got in the way of a lot of things that needed to be done. I think I have a giant knot in my neck that has been causing it. Plus that and a little bit of stress wasn't exactly a reliever for it either haha. I think I hadn't been managing my stress levels very well and all the "weight" was piling up on my shoulders/neck. I was really worried cuz at the beginning of the week we had a lot of teaches planned out that slowly started to disappear as the days went on. Sometimes it really get's to me cuz I hear about working to achieve goals that have been set and if it doesn't look like your going to make them you need to go to the Lord and He will provide. I have no doubt that He can provide a way to accomplish those things but I do wonder if that is His will every time. No matter how many teaches we do or don't have I always come out in the end having learned something new.

As my head was aching pretty bad everyday I had tried almost everything from Ibuprophen to taking short naps during meal breaks and nothing worked! You know what I finally did? One day after finishing up early with dinner I thought I would take a quick nap to be ready for the rest of the night's labors. Suddenly I had the thought to read in the Book of Mormon instead. I had been having trouble even focuses on reading things due to this headache but I tried it anyway. After reading a chapter I felt significantly calmer and the headache lessened. I was somewhat surprised (though I probably shouldn't have been). Since then I have read as often as possible in it. The book has an incredible spiritual attached to it and it surpassed all other probable solutions.

The power of the spirit is so significantly strong and It is such a blessing to me. We recently visited an inactive member and he would pretty much not stop talking the entire time. I kept trying to figure out why he had stopped coming cuz he was so interested in how many people were attending and if we had any baptisms recently. After I had asked him why he doesn't come to church anymore he continued to talk more about some things. Then I had this distinct impression that had to do with a talk I had read while I was in Oslo. I waited until he had to take a breath and said, "You've told us all about how much you love to study in the scriptures and learn more about Christ yet you still don't come to church. Why are denying yourself of one of the most important parts of church, namely sacrament, because of such small details?" He thought about it for a while and then replied, "Hmm; that's a good point." And that was that haha. How grateful I was to have been led by the Spirit. We had prepared something to teach him beforehand but it didn't exactly have that as a part of it!

So it sounds like you all had a good 4th of July. It was way weird here cuz I had forgotten it was even a holiday until someone wished a happy 4th of July haha. I loved seeing the pictures, thank you! It's so crazy how everyone in the ward is getting their calls. Time seems to fly occasionally when looking back at it but other days it just couldn't go any slower. Either way I'm where I want to be at this time and of course I always look forward to the good times now and into the eternities :) Eternal happiness and joy, what a great thought!



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