Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day!

Hello Everyone,

We had a way cool thunderstorm last Tuesday that really put some meaning to the term "It's raining cats and dogs." You can see in the picture (Calm before the storm) of what it looked like before the sudden downpour came. We were on our way home after a long day at work when I snapped this picture. Maybe three minutes after it started to come down, slightly. Two seconds later it rained to hard I could've been dryer had I jumped in the sea for a quick dip :) By the time we made it home I was drenched from the inside out. It definitely made for a very exciting end to the day.

Oh I almost forgot, yesterday in church we had come to the final meeting of the day (Sacrament) when the branch president came over to his son, who was sitting by me, and asked him "where are all the people that are supposed to speak?" As he somewhat glanced down at me. There were three who had been assigned to talk and not a single one showed up to do it! I ended up giving a talk on the spot that hopefully turned out not too shabby haha. It was one of my more busier Sunday's what with blessing the sacrament and trying to gather a few thoughts to share for fifteen or so minutes :)

On Saturday we taught a really cool guy for the first time, Anis. It went so well and the spirit was there so strong :) After we introduced the Book of Mormon to him he was very interested in trying to read and pray about it. I then asked him "If you find out the Book of Mormon is true, will you be baptized?" He paused for a moment and then said "Yes, if I found out it was true." I hope it continues to go as well as that cuz he is so willing to get an answer. I absolutely love coming out of a teach that went well after feeling the spirit so strongly :)

I don't have too much time to write today cuz we went to a member's house. He has a recording studio in his garage so we went and played around for a while, it was way fun! I've included a picture above.



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