Monday, August 30, 2010

Baptism on for Saturday:)

Dear All,

So we're still on for the baptism this coming Saturday and I am way excited for it! No he isn't someone we've been teaching. He's been around/investigating the church for about thirty years or so and he has decided that now is the time to go for it. We've been teaching and working with him for the past two weeks to help him get to the finish line :) It's interesting how fast you can grow close to someone in such a short period of time. We have shared some really good, spiritual experiences with him and I feel like I've known him for a lot longer than two weeks :)

Tor Åge and Evy are moving into the city! They're going to be living about 15 minutes walking distance from our place in sentrum. Tor Åge's a way awesome guy and is going to be such an awesome member for the branch here. He always invites us to do different things like go and see a movie with them or come to their place to just hang out and listen to some music or whatever haha. Instead of just saying no it's against the rules we've just started to say, "Sounds good! How bout in a year or so :)" Oh that reminds me, he said if I come back with you and Brent then we should all stay with them. So maybe keep that in mind later on haha..

They're getting married on September 11th (quite the memorable day :). It's going to be a somewhat small wedding I think. Elder Passey and I are thinking about playing some music for it if we can cook something up before then. He plays the piano really well but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do haha. I'm thinking I'll borrow a guitar from one of the member's so I can try and learn a thing or two. We'll see what happens :)

We went fishing with one of the member's a few days ago out on Tromøy. (IMG_0007) It was way fun this time cuz I caught a fish! It was a way long and skinny one that kinda looked like a swordfish. Anyway we hadn't really planned on keeping any, just catch and release, so right after I reeled it in and saw it it fell off :( It was too bad cuz I wanted to get a picture with it for proof haha. Oh and I caught a giant jellyfish too but I didn't have my camera around for that one. I was slightly disappointed once I reeled it in cuz it was super heavy so I thought it must've been a big fish, not quite haha but it was still cool.

Sometime this last week I picked up a cold that's made me way tired for the past couple of days. As soon as we were done with studies this morning I went right back to my bed, it was real good :) I felt better afterwards but my cold is still here. Go figure, you'd think Norway was a cold place or something haha.


Eldste Farrer

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