Monday, August 9, 2010

Good day for a boat tour :)‏

Dear All,

Well I wish I could say things are going great with Tor Åge and Evy but they are not exactly.. We were only able to meet with them last Monday and then they just disappeared off the face of the Earth once again but "sånn er det noenganger." I'm sure we'll be talking with them sometime later on. But until then we'll just have to find another prepared family who is seeking the truth :) We recently saw the "Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ" dvd that the church has put out and it was so awesome! It was so powerful to hear all of the Apostles testify of Christ.

Zone Conference was last Wednesday in Stavanger. It was my first time going there so that was a cool experience. It reminded me so much of Oslo and I kinda started to miss it. I remember when I first arrived in Oslo and I almost didn't even like it cuz it was all so new to me. I don't think I had ever been one for "city life" and Oslo was definitely right in the central parts haha. By the time I was going to leave I had come to really love the area. It's interesting how you can go through many rough times and some good times that, in the end, bring you closer to the people around you and the area you live. Anyway back to zone conference haha. It was such a great conference! It seems like every time I feel like I've hit a plateau then comes the conference in which all my question's have been answered and I have something new to tackle. It was kinda weird though cuz one of the assistants to the president is going home after this transfer. It seems like just the other day when he first became an assistant and I was just a new man in this great land :) I just keep saying to myself, every time a missionary stands up to give his final testimony, "Wow he's so old! Ah well that'll never be me :)" Which is kinda funny too cuz they always seem to say that they would say the same thing when older missionaries got up for their final testimony haha.

I had a pretty cool/interesting experience on Thursday. As I was sitting on a bus on the way back to the center of Arendal I felt like I should talk to this kid who was sitting across from me. I think he was about 17 or so years old. I wanted to talk to him but I wasn't exactly sure how to begin the conversation. It can sometimes be a little intimidating to just up and talk to someone on a bus, especially in another language and even more so it can be difficult to tie things back to a gospel topic. I offered a silent prayer to my Father in Heaven that he would help me think of something that could maybe interest this guy. Right after I had prayed my eye caught sight of the watch he was wearing. I noticed that it looked just like mine. Possibly a strange way to begin a conversation but I decided to take it simply so I said, "Hey, that's a fine watch you have." haha. It wasn't until he raised it up slightly as I kind of motioned towards mine to imply that they were the same, I realized that they were, in fact, almost nothing alike :) He chuckled softly and said, "Yeah thanks." Hmph, I had expected something a little bit more than that haha. After a few random question we started talking a little bit more. He ended up getting off at the same place as us so we continued talking and got around to his belief in God. He said he was actually in the process of looking around into different churches' beliefs. It was almost too good to be true! Suddenly as we were talking his pupils got way huge and he said, "I can't see!" He began to sway a little bit back and forth so we moved towards him in case he fell. He pretty much collapsed and we laid him down on the sidewalk while somebody nearby called a ambulance. Unfortunately throughout all this excitement we never exchanged numbers so now we don't really have a way of getting in contact. But I did learn a few things during it and I received a very distinct answer to my short and simple prayer :)

The next day we taught a girl named Signe Kristine and asked her to be baptized if she found out the Book of Mormon is true. She said yes, if she found out it was true. The teach even began so well. I asked her how God had helped her in her life and talked about some of her beliefs. She mentioned how she pray's every morning and night so I asked her if she had ever gotten an answer to any prayer's. She looked kind of confused and said, "No, have you?" I just smiled and said, "Let me share with you the an experience I had when praying to know about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon." I always love a good teach when the person asks you all the right questions open up opportunity for the spirit to be present :)

Thank you for praying for me, it mean so much! Last night while I was lying in bed I thought back on this last transfer period and what has happened. There have been a lot of week's where I've felt like I don't really know who I am or what kind of person I am. I felt so confused and I didn't even know what any of my questions were so I couldn't even ask them haha. I had many moments yesterday during church and later on that day that helped me see more of who I am. I don't know how to explain it but I felt like I became more comfortable or more steadfast in a way. Anyway I learned something more about the person I want to be and it was such a sweet experience. Sometimes it can be so hard for me to see how close I've come to my Savior when it seems like there are only crashing waves and thunderstorms around me all the time. But even through the strongest storms, the Lord's shining spirit shine's through the darkened clouds and he's brought me a little bit closer. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and am grateful for him.



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