Monday, August 2, 2010

" great shall be your joy..." D&C 18:15-16‏

Dear all,

The result with Anis is very short and simple. He told us that he is still interested in learning more but his wife controls how big of steps he takes with it and at the moment she won't let him try anymore. On the other hand we had such an incredible experience with Tor Åge and Evy on Saturday. After we all sat down Tor Åge began by saying "Alright, it's time that we all be completely honest with each other." They had kept a lot of things from us and weren't too open about what they wanted to do. They both explained to us a lot of things that made me realize how difficult their life had been and that it still was. It was one of the most incredible teaches I have ever had with someone before. As he was talking to us I started to feel how much Heavenly Father really did love them. The Spirit began to feel the room and it came time for us to teach what we had prepared before hand. I threw those plans out the window as I felt like we should read 2 Nephi 4 together and talk about it. I asked Elder Passey and he agreed so we opened up to that great chapter. As Tor Åge read the Spirit continued to get stronger and stronger. About half way through the chapter, as he was reading aloud, tears began to fill his eyes and he paused. No one said a word; no one needed to. Once we had completed the chapter there wasn't a single dry eye in that room.

I looked back on that whole situation and saw how much difficulty we had just getting out to there house. I ended up changing a bike tire right before the bus came to take us out there. Then the bikes wouldn't fit under the bus. Once we arrived (an hour bus ride later) I had to pump up the the flat tire only to realize that the valve on it was not the best one so after a few pumps it would begin to just let out air. Basically it took a lot to pump it up haha. It took us almost two and a half hours to get there with us almost getting lost a few times along the way. At one point I was going up a deathly steep mountain when I came to a fork in the road. I instinctively started to go to the right when I heard someone say "No, wrong way! You can't go that way!" I looked up and a lady was gardening in her front yard. She asked "Where are you going?" At this moment I was out of breath and just thought "Oh great. Someone else who doesn't like 'the Mormons'." I responded "We're headed towards Søndeled." "Well then you need to go up the other road." she directed. I said thanks and continued on the right path. If she hadn't been there we would have gone up an entirely wrong way and would've lost time, energy and faith in my natural sense of direction :)

I am so grateful for how much the Lord watches out for us and helps us along the way. I had no idea how important that teach was going to be with them until afterwards. The next day Tor Åge even called me just to say thank you. It was a confirmation to me of how important this work is to the Savior. I know he is in every aspect of it and I'm thankful to be a part of it. I know He lives! I know it's true :)

We're going to go hiking with them today so I've got to get going really soon. So many times I cannot believe how incredibly hard it is and why it is that way. But after just a moment like that one it makes it all worth it :) It took some time but I have received more than enough thus far in return. I will never forget that experience I had with them and how incredibly strong the Spirit was. It felt as though the truth was being written on my soul with a permanent and eternal flame. I love it :)



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