Monday, August 23, 2010

Transfer call received. No changes made :)

Dear All,

We found out on Sunday who was going to be moving and to both mine and Elder Passey's surprise neither of us will be moving. That isn't all too common but I guess the Lord has something special that He wants us both here for, not too many complaints there haha.

This last week has been so great and so rewarding! First, we're having a baptism on September 4th! :) Karl Fredrik decided he wants to get baptized and we'll be meeting with him over the next two weeks to help him get there. I feel like now all our hard work is finally starting to pay off and it feels pretty good :)

So a few things that happened last week. On Saturday we had a fireside where President Johansen came down and had a really good topic. We had a way fun activity with a delicious dinner and so much cake afterward :) Something even better about it was that Tor Åge and Evy were able to come to both that and church the next day. The dinner/fireside was so much fun. I realized as I was going around talking to everybody in the branch that I really do love these people here :) The best part about it was that I was not at all worried about the language. I felt like I could just go up, be myself and talk with them. It felt really good to be a part of something and feel like I was maybe making a little bit of difference. Then President talked about how they're organizing a district in preparation for building a second stake in which Arendal will be a part of. The plan is to make Arendal into a ward which would be so great :)

On Sunday we there were 40 people in sacrament meeting. The average has been around 25 so that was a good increase and it looked so good to have that room more filled with members :) I had one experience on Sunday that I am so grateful for. I was sitting with Tor Åge and Evy at the beginning of Sacrament meeting. After the sacrament was finished they waited a minute then got up and left. As they did I vaguely remembered them saying something about that they were going to leave after the sacrament but I had thought they meant after the meeting. I went out into the hallway and found that they had already left the building. I stood there and thought to myself, "Okay, you can't leave the building cuz your comp is still sitting in the chapel. What next?" I turned around and feeling somewhat defeated, began walking back to find my seat when I suddenly heard footsteps down the hall and around the corner. I turned around, once again, and saw Tor Åge walking towards me. He then walked into another room. By this point I was quite confused but I followed him in there to realize he had just come back to get a jacket. I asked him to come back inside and stay for the rest of the meeting. We continued to talk back and forth after which he just said, "We can't go back in there after we've already left." and he proceeded to go out the door. I stood there, looking at him and thought about what more I could say. The Spirit filled the room and I just said simply, "Ya know, this isn't just me standing here and telling you this. It is as if Christ himself is asking you to come back. He wants you there even more than I do." He stopped; thought for a minute and said he'd ask Evy about it but wouldn't promise anything.

I waited for about five minutes or so and they did come back :) I was so happy to see them again! At the end of the meeting he thanked me for coming after them. I knew so strongly as I do now that the Lord watches out for each one of us. I know the Spirit leads us and guides if we head it's promptings. I am so grateful for that experience I had :) I have always felt like I've never been very good at following promptings or even being able to recognize them. I am very glad that I followed cuz otherwise two souls could've been lost and I would not have been able to have such a sweet experience in being led by Him. Things are going much better with Tor Åge and Evy. They're getting married in a few weeks and she'll be baptized soon after that!

It really is true that no matter how hard things get or how often you have difficulties, the good things always outweigh the bad. Though they may be few, they are always so much more sweet. I know that God lives! I know He cares and even though it is hard to realize at times, He really does know what's best for us. A lot of times it is hard for me to see or understand it when people have said "A mission is hard but it's worth it." I had definitely seen the hard but the worth it took a little bit more time :) Even if it was just that one experience amongst a whole lot of adversity I would still say it was worth it! And that it how I can say that I know this is His gospel and His truth.

Thanks for praying for me.



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