Monday, September 6, 2010

Arendal now has a new member! That's one point for the good guys :)‏

Dear All,

So the baptism on Saturday went great, it was amazing! The spirit was there so strong and it was such a sweet experience :) What made it especially sweet was that Karl Fredrik (the one who got baptized) has always had a testimony of the church for so long and all the member's of the branch have looked forward to this day for a very long time. He had his family there, of which only his youngest daughter is a member. Brother Thommesen played a church country song on the guitar and sang. He chose a particular song called "Jesus it's me again" that pretty much described Karl Fredrik's "journey" to getting baptized. If you get a chance, look up that song cuz it has a really good message. Though I don't know if it would be quite the same haha Brother Thommesen has a really good voice. Anyway after he had finished singing the spirit really was there and it felt so good :)

Our fast and testimony was one of the better one's I have been to in a long time haha. Not to say the other's are bad but this one was truly special since Karl Fredrik got confirmed. Something about a baptism brings the spirit so strongly and then it just carried over even more into the meeting :) I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of it.

Things are going well with Tor Åge and Evy. They're actually getting married on the 18th now but this time it's for sure :) I'm not so sure now if i'll be playing any music for the wedding but I think photographer would definitely be fun. I've never been very good at taking pics of myself but I do like taking pictures :) So they came to the baptism on Saturday and then on Sunday Evy asked if she could have "How Great Thou Art" as one of the hymns at her baptism cuz she liked it from Karl Fredrik's. It was so cool too cuz after she came out from Relief Society we asked how it was and she said she loved it and she just loves coming every time! Last week was way fun with them since they just barely moved to Arendal they've invited us to come over almost every day haha. Tor Åge wanted us to eat dinner with them every time and when we protested he said, "Why won't you? We are going to be eating anyway." Something else we've been working on is trying to get a new ward mission leader cuz our last one was released a few months ago and there hasn't been another one called due to lack of able priesthood holders. As we were talking with Tor Åge last night he mentioned something about how we don't have one and then trailed off with, "Oh so that's why..." I got to thinking maybe he'll be the next one once he's fully active and that would be so cool :) It makes me so happy to see this branch growing so well! Heavenly Father has truly blessed the member's and missionary work here.



ps. As you can see from the pic Brother Berg took us to the driving range today. He gave me some really good pointers and I really enjoyed it. We'll have to go golfing again with Grandpa when I get back :)

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