Monday, September 27, 2010

Evy Got Baptized:)

Dear All,

Yes I got the package! :) Thank you! It really made my day :) Anyway it all turned out good cuz about five days after my birthday Tor Åge and Evy remembered that it was my birthday so they surprised us when we came over for a teach. They made me a cake and sang happy birthday haha in English even :)

So this last week was pretty good and very busy; I am quite tired today haha. Evy's baptism was great and there was a really strong Spirit as usual with baptisms. It has been so awesome to be able to see how much she has changed since we first met her months ago. After she quit smoking, drinking and everything else bad it was like this new light and life came back into her. We've been over to their house a time or two since the baptism and there is such a special spirit at their house now it's great :) Her and Tor Åge are so happy now and he's so happy that she's a member of the church.

Another one of our investigators, Mats, is going to get baptized on the 16th of October! He came to Evy's baptism on Saturday and said that that was the third baptism that he's been to and he really enjoyed it. He's been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon everyday for the past week it's awesome :) We have been so blessed here in Arendal and it's brought such an awesome spirit into the meetings each Sunday.

All and all it was a pretty good week.



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