Monday, September 13, 2010

Tender Mercies of the Lord‏

Dear All,

We went to the zoo today (2nd time for me) since Elder Passey hadn't been before. Well all the animals are still there and living :) I dropped my camera and the battery holder thing broke so now if I want to turn it on I have to hold it shut otherwise it just turns right off again.. Makes for an exciting time to take pictures :) haha

So this last Sunday both me and Elder Passey were asked to give talks (once again haha). As it turned out the first speaker took a lot longer than was expected. Then Elder Passey took quite a long time so by the time it came around to me I just stood up, bore my testimony and then sat back down again haha.. It was actually kinda nice since I didn't have too much time to prepare so it would have been a surprise for both sides on how it would've turned out :) Anyway it was great to be able to bare my testimony, that's never a problem haha.

Things are starting to really pick up around here, it's great! On Sunday Tor Åge and Evy brought two of their friends to church with them. Our branch president talked to them and committed them to meet with us at least three times a week for the next month! And this was before we had even gotten a chance to talk to them. Then later that day Karl Fredrik's daughter told us that he has two people that are interested in being taught as well! I don't think I've ever had so many people come to me with friend's they have who want to be taught, it's a little different but I love it :) Things have been moving so well in this branch and it's very exciting to be a part of it.

On Wednesday I took a trip to Kristiansand for splits until Thursday and that was fairly exciting. Kristiansand is a lot bigger city and it reminds me a lot of Oslo. It was pretty cool though cuz when we went out to contact people in the city the first lady I started talking to stopped! I was kinda surprised cuz usually it takes a few before you start getting into the groove of things. Anyway she ended up being really interested and wanted to meet later on. Then, yesterday the Elder I was with that day asked me if I remembered her. He said that she is still interested in meeting but actually lives in Grimstad, which is mine and Elder Passey's area. So basically I didn't even know it then but I was talking to someone that I was going to be teaching later on :) It was awesome, I love the tender mercies of the Lord!

I started noticing all the tender mercies I've been given this last week. I think it makes life a lot more enjoyable when your looking for the small things that the Lord does to help you. Sometimes I've just felt like there is so much more I can do or more people I could be talking with but whenever I'm doing my best He really does provide for the rest. Something else that was interesting about church yesterday.. You don't get assigned a specific topic to talk about so you just choose your own. It was great to be sitting there during sacrament meeting and see how well all the talks tied together even though nobody had told the other what they had prayed about then chosen. The Spirit is so great :)

We had an interesting teach last Monday that afterwards I couldn't help but laugh. We had knocked on this guys door a few weeks before and he said come back another time. So we knocked on his door another time. He answered and before I could even get a few words out he just invited us in. I thought, "Hmm.. That went well. He must really be elect!" After we sat down he started to ask us question about where we are from and how long we've been in Arendal. It was really strange and not usual. By the way he was talking it sounded to me like he was a member of the church already. I kept wanting to just ask him straight out but I thought I'd ask some other questions as to not look to clueless ;) Finally I came to the conclusion that he is a member. We both headed for the door to leave when I shook his hand and asked him what his last name was. He said, "Hinkle." It all made sense! Long story short what we thought was a really positive guy who was so ready to be baptized is actually a member of the church and he is an american from Oregon :) I must say though it wouldn't have been so difficult to tell if he was a member if he had been coming to church haha. It was definitely something to laugh about in the end and now we're going to meet with him more to get him back to church :)

I'm so grateful for the incredible power the Spirit has on us all. It's so great to know that it really isn't me that's converting anyone but the Spirit. (which is good cuz I don't think I am that convincing :) I know it's all true!



PS ...I realized after I was done emailing last week that I had forgotten to send a picture of the baptism haha so here it is now :)

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