Monday, October 25, 2010

Two months more in... Arendal?

Dear All,

So we had the call for transfers on Sunday and I found out that
> I am still not going to be moving anywhere for at least another
> transfer but I will be getting a new companion so that's cool. Welcome
> to Arendal! haha. When I first heard that I wouldn't be moving I was
> quite confused since President had told me before that I would be
> moving and I have been here so long I figured it was about time for me
> to move on. I guess the Lord has something else in mind :)
> Guess what?! We had our first snow fall this last week! It was the
> coolest thin I have ever seen and I would almost go so far as to say
> that it beat a Utah snowfall but there's just no place like home ;)
> The flakes were so big it looked like a ton of golf ball sized cotton
> balls were fallin from the sky! Oh and it was finished snowing after
> about a half an hour but it was just as much snow as we would normally
> get back home from a snowfall that lasts through the entire night. As
> a Norwegian would say when speaking English, "It was much snow" :)
> Hopefully the picture doesn't hurt your eyes too much, it's kinda
> blurry but it's the best one I got haha.
> So a little about the next picture.. We went to Stavanger this weekend
> for the organizing of the new district and it was awesome! We took a
> train there and back. On the train ride back this older couple sat
> right across from us so we started a bit of "small-talk" with them. He
> was actually quite interested in us as missionaries and wanted to know
> more about what we do. I gladly explained what we do and started
> talking to him about the Book of Mormon. After that he asked me how
> much the book costs. I told him it was free and he could have one but
> only if he promised to read it. He agreed so we gave him one. We
> continued talking about the plan of salvation as well as Joseph Smith.
> He and his wife live in Drammen (a city outside of Oslo) but who
> know's, maybe the Elders up that way will come across them one day. It
> was a cool experience and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to
> bear my testimony to these people who did not even know for sure if
> God even exists.
> Things are going good with Tobi. He wants to be baptized on the 20th
> of November and we're all for it :) I know how much power the Book of
> Mormon has and I am so excited for when he really reads it sincerely
> and gets his own, personal confirmation that it is true. I'm so
> grateful that I've been able to gain that conviction so that I can
> know, for myself, that it is completely true!
> Love,
> Daniel

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