Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All is Well...Almost?

Recent Update:
I received a call from Daniel this morning and he says he will be having surgery on his sinuses as soon as possible.  I will keep you all informed on when the surgery is to take place and would appreciate your prayers in his behalf so that all will go well during the surgery.  
Thanks so much,  Patty/Mom  

Dear All,
We still haven't found an apartment to move into. We looked at many but they were all.. well
yeah.. But there was one we saw that was pretty much a very nice one
so we're just waiting to see if we'll get it. The lady who's moving
had to show a few other people after us so I'm not sure if we'll get
it. Hopefully we get it so we can move in sometime next week :) My
sinuses have actually gotten a lot worse. I have this constant
pressure that just doesn't go away, and gets worse from time to time.
I'm going to a doctor in Oslo this Thursday to try and see what needs
to be done with it. I think there is some sort of blockage up there
but I can't seem to find anyone to look at it here. It's actually
quite the interesting story..

So a few days ago I started trying to find an ear, nose and throat
specialist. After much trial and tribulation I made the difficult
decision of calling the one specialist they have in the area ;) I
called them and they told me I have to be referred by a regular
doctor, after he sends the referral to them I have to wait until I get
a letter in the mail saying when my appointment will be with the
specialist. haha it was ridiculous. And so began my search for a
regular doctor.. First I had to find out which doctor has been
assigned to me, great healthcare system here haha.. not.. Not a single
city office could tell me who it was, they just gave me a website I'm
supposed to find it on. The problem was that the website required a
pincode that I didn't have and never got. So I was given a number to
call. I waited almost an entire day on hold until finally I called
back and they were closed. I decided to just go to the hospital and
see if either they would help me or just tell me who my doctor is.
They had no idea who it was and they would not help me, so ya know
what they did.? Gave me the same number to call haha. The next day I
went into a doctor's office with a group of about 10 doctor's. They
would NOT let me see a doctor until I found out who my assigned doctor
was. Of course they gave me, yet again, the same number to call. Oh
and they also told me that if I haven't been assigned a doctor I just
need to go to the hospital and they'll treat me there. What a joke. I
was sent in circles, multiple times. I finally got through to someone
on that number they gave me and they assigned me a doctor. As soon as
I did that I was admitted to see a doctor.

I walk into this doctor's office and he just says, "What can I do for
you?" He sits down in his chair and stairs at his computer screen
while I'm just standing in the middle of this room, quite confused at
what he wants me to do in there haha. The moment I said something
about sinus problems he begins typing on his computer and stops
listening to any other explanation I had. He prints something out with
a prescription on it, signs it, stamps it and passes it over to me. I
read the name of the medicine and it was some sort of penicillan. I
just told him that I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to that stuff. He
says, "Oh well then you shouldn't take that one then." Types some more
on his computer then prints out another paper, says "Hope that helps."
And then I walked out. Anyway if anyone ever says that socialist
healthcare or Norways healthcare is so great cuz it helps everyone is
nuts. I have to say it's a miracle that I was even able to talk to a
doctor. That I am grateful for :)

Yeah so that was an excting few days this past week haha but even with
all that craziness going on it was still a really good week :) Sunday
was just awesome! It's so great to feel the difference in Spirit
that's in the meetings each week. Karl Fredrik got his call on Sunday
and he's the new Young Men's President, which is perfect for him.

I'm actually in Kristiansand today with the rest of our district,
playing ping pong haha it's great. Have a good week:)



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