Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Great Week:)

So we had a conference in Stavanger this last Thursday and it was
fabulous as usual :) They had a big focus on making sure that
everything we do gets done by the Spirit. That having the Spirit guide
in every aspect of the work is a tough thing to accomplish but it is
such a great thing. It was cool too cuz President Johansen talked
about how much progress Norway has made in the last year. He said that
he looked back into the last 30 years of Norway's history and its
amount of baptisms has never exceeded 86 total baptisms in any one
year. Each year they got 86 or less. What's great about that is that
we aren't even threw with the year and we've already gotten 96
baptisms! The Lord has blessed Norway so much and it's wonderful :)
It's amazing how well the work is progressing all around the world. I
just heard a few days ago that negotiations are going on with China in
trying to allow missionaries to be sent there and it's going very
well. It's so cool what can happen with the power of faith.

Things have been going great here as well. I can't remember if I told
you but Tor Åge has been called as the Branch mission leader. He's
been on fire with it too! He's already got two meetings/activities set
up that are geared towards missionary work. It's so exciting :)
Yesterday we had even more members show up to church. The fire is
spreading and it can't be put out :-) I'm so glad I ended up staying
here for another transfer. I've gotten to know all the members so well
and I just love them.

Yesterday I taught the lesson in priesthood, which was way fun! We
taught about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and it went really well.
Usually I get pretty nervous before giving lessons like that,
especially when it's in Norsk but this time i just enjoyed it :)

Anyway I gotta get to finding an apartment.



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