Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The picture was taken from the window of the church. It was just a normal, "rainin' cats and dogs" day in Arendal :)

Dear All,

So we didn't do anything special for Halloween.. When I first woke up
Sunday morning I said to my comp in a half asleep voice, "Happy
Halloween." :) Later on that day I had actually forgotten that it was
Halloween until we saw some kids walking around in costumes :) It's
not a real big holiday here so there were only a few people out for it
but I think it's becoming bigger. Norway just loves America :)

Well I got my new companion last Wednesday. I stay over night in
Kristiansand with the other Elders in our district and sent Elder
Passey off on a plane ride to Oslo. It was a crazy morning with a
bunch of driving back and forth from the airport, apartment and train
station. When Elder Vaughan (my new comp) finally came in with two
other new elders. My first words to him were, "Hey man, how ya doin?
Wanna boller?" It was great :) Though I was slightly disappointed cuz
he's from a town right around New Orleans but he doesn't have any
accent. Oh well it'll just have to do ;)

We taught Tobi this past week and he's way fun to teach. He always
ask's the best questions and is just really sincere about learning. At
the end of our last teach with him he said, "Before I pray, can I ask
one more question?" We agreed and then he asked, "What was it like
before you found out the Book of Mormon was true?" It was a perfect
opportunity to bare testimony and allow the spirit to witness of the
truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

On Saturday we helped Dagfinn build two nightstands he had gotten from
Ikea. That was fun! I must say I really do love working with my hands
:) I think I want to build a house when I get home ;-) Maybe I'll
start with a shed and then a house after that just to get in some good
practice first.

Sunday was great, as usual. We had a woppin 10 men in Priesthood
meeting which was great! Oh and Karl Fredrik (our recent convert)
brought his brother, a non-member, with to all of the meetings. It has
been cool to see how far this branch has come. Priesthood meeting is
usually so empty with very few members there but even though 10 isn't
a whole lot it was great to have more around to help build the church



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