Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Been Awhile:)

Dear All,

I haven't really noticed a difference since using the medication the doctor gave me but I don't really
think I have nerve allergies, whatever that is :S The stuff he gave me
is an anti-inflammatory. I've still been really stressed and I go to
bed stressed each night, plus having cars drive by all night doesn't
help any. Interestingly enough I decided when I woke up this morning
that I should go to a local gym and get some sort of a trial pass. I
ran for 20 minutes then did weight lifting afterwards and guess what?!
The pain was practically gone and I felt soo much better :) I release
stress by working out or running but I haven't been able to since it's
been so cold outside. Simply put I have not been able to find any
other ways of relieving stress so it has just remained in my muscles.
My body wants to get rid of the stress but doesn't know how so I
clench my teeth all night long and possibly keep my face muscles
tightened as well. So basically I'm not good at taking the stress of
the work and I don't know how to relieve the effects it has on my
body, except by working out.. There's no way I could get a pass for a
gym here cuz it'd be at least $100 a month which doesn't quite work.
This morning I felt good after working out but now I'm stressed out
again and it's right back to square one. I aways think about what I
can do to fix it cuz I don't want it to be like this for another whole
year ya know? Okay nuff bout that.

It sounds like you guys had a good Thanksgiving :)We had a good snow storm last night. I woke up early this morning to a ton of snowplow's cruisin down the street outside our window haha. Oh so we're having the ward Christmas party this Friday and I'm way excited!
So It looks way sweet in the city cuz they have all the trees covered
with Christmas lights, kinda like temple square :) Do they have the
lights up at temple square yet?

I hope you have a good week :)



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