Monday, November 8, 2010

Norway doesn't have Thanksgiving..? Well then, Christmas is coming soon!

In the Heart of Arendal and Sunrise

Helping Dagfinn move a bunch of trees...................................Elder Vaughan

Dear Mom,

Guess what? It's snowing! I don't think it will last very long this
time but it has been way cold this week so I think winter is finally
here for sure. These pictures are from last week, when it was still
fairly nice weather.
I think Satan is really working hard to stop the work from pressing
forward in all ways possible. A few days ago we had an activity in the
church where I ate plenty of delicious goodies :) The unfortunate part
about it was that the next day I had a terrible sinus infection that
left me almost completely useless. I was way tired from the infection
and I could not even think straight. I am so sick of it cuz I honestly
almost cannot eat any form of dessert due to the effect the sugar has
on my sinuses. That mixed with stress, my sinuses have become my
achilles heal.. If I eat sweets later on I can't even function in the
work, it's not good. So I decided on fast Sunday that I would go on a
"desserts fast." I told the Lord that I'm going to do everything
within my power to be as healthy as possible and He needs to make up
for the rest, and so far He has :)

Yesterday was a day of miracles! The Spirit was so strong in fast and
testimony meeting that I think if you were outside of the building you
could've seen that the building was floating in the air haha. I got up
and bore my testimony, I love bearing my testimony :) As I was sitting
in the congregation, listening to all the other testimonies, my heart
started to beat so fast and hard that I truly could not sit any
longer! The branch president talked about how much the branch has
changed in the last little while; how much more the Spirit has been
present and how it has effected everyone.

After church we went over to an area to knock on people's doors for a
while. We went down about one block with not a single positive
response, but I didn't care. As we were going from house to house I
really felt like somebody there needed our message, and that they
would let us in. A few more houses went by; still nothing. Finally we
knocked on the door of a small, red house at the end of the block. I
saw an older lady through a small window in the door. She opened the
door and I told her we were out to talk with people about Jesus
Christ. She smiled and said, "I've met with some of your colleagues
awhile back." We talked for a while and after which she told us, "I am
pretty firm in my own faith, but you boys are more than welcome to
come in and share what you've got." I quickly accepted the invitation
and went inside. She told us about a spiritual experience she had had
with the missionaries many years ago. She explained that she prayed
about something, the way the missionaries had told her to, and
afterwards she felt a strong, calm, peaceful feeling that overcame
her. I told her that was the Spirit confirming truth to her and I
asked if she would like to feel that more often. She said yes. It was
such an amazing teach! So her name is Marit and we're teaching her on
Tuesday :)

Once we came out of her house I felt great! We had originally planned
to go home and eat dinner but I just didn't want to stop. So we
knocked on two more doors but got nothing. The third door we tried the
guy asked us if we drank coffee. My companion told him we don't. Then
he looked around and asked if it was cold outside. We realized that
after I had asked him if we could come in and share our message he
wasn't really sure if he wanted to let us in. But he was sort of
trying to justify letting us in because it was cold or what not. I
wasn't too cold but I immediately told him, "Yes sir it's quite cold
out here!" He thought for a second and said, "Alright then why don't
you guys come in warm yourselves up?" It was amazing :) I don't think
I've ever been let in by so many people in so short of time. I know
the Lord blessed us because we fasted for the work and because we had
faith that the miracle would happen, it happened :)

Something changed inside of me yesterday and I feel like my
testimony has grown incredibly. I've had a desire to be here before to
serve as a missionary. I have had a testimony of this gospel. But
yesterday I truly felt such a burning desire to share the gospel that
I wanted to shout it off the rooftops to everyone I could see! The
truth has become a part of me and I absolutely love it :) I am so grateful for the
testimony I have been blessed with and I know it's true. I love you



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