Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going to Skien

Dear All,

I spoke in church on Sunday and my talk went well. I
talked about setting goals for the new year and how we can take the
things we need to improve on to the Lord as a way to receive extra
help through the Atonement. It was kinda cool though since i'll be
leaving anyway so I got a chance to thank everyone and stuff.

It's kinda sad leaving after being here for so long. I've realized how
much this place has become home to me. I love all the members here.
I've been able to spend a lot of time with many of them, especially
over the holiday's. I'm excited for a new area but I will definitely
miss the Arendal branch.

So my new address is:

Eldste Farrer
Hans Houens gate 8
3715 Skien

Oh yeah here's some pics from Tobias' baptism a week or so ago :) Hope
you enjoy them.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tobias is getting baptized this week!

Dear All,

Well today most of our time ended up going to cleaning the old
apartment and getting some problems sorted out there. The old landlord
is kind of "hurt" that we're leaving so he's causing a lot of problems
both for us and the church. Ah, I don't know why people can't just be
easy going and helpful all the time haha.

I went to the dentist today to try on the mouth guard and guess what?
They had the wrong one delivered to them so they sent me on a wild
goose chase to the technician who had made the mouth guard originally
to try and find mine haha. I think I am one of the most unlucky people
around, but oh well it'll work out.
We won't be having pday next Monday because I'll be calling
on Christmas but I'll be able to send an email to talk more about
calling plans and such then. I would say if it's not too much of a
hassle, just get the international plan with Qwest cuz then I could
save some on buying a calling card but if it's too much then don't
worry about it :)

Tobias is getting baptized this week so I'm way excited. He's been
doing way awesome. There are so many things going on this week it's
crazy! There's a ton of meetings, baptisms and Christmas activities
all at once.

It's been pretty cold this past week but it was way nice for one day.
It was warm enough to rain haha. It's been crazy on the roads cuz
after it rained all the water froze on the roads so pretty much
everywhere we go we run and slide the whole way. It's really fun going
home cuz live at the bottom of a hill so we just slide down :)
Winter's cold but it makes things exciting.

Have a good week :)

Love you,


New Address

Hey I forgot to tell you what my new address is.. It's below:

Eldste Farrer
Revekroken 16
4844 Arendal

Monday, December 6, 2010

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Dear All,

Things are going much better :) We had a way big snow storm a few days
ago and now there is snow everywhere! Guess what?! We found an
apartment and we're moving tomorrow :) It was kinda cool how we found
it too. Last week we looked through the newspaper a few times but
didn't really find anything that great. We'd been looking other places
too with not much luck. Then one day I was flipping through my planner
and came across a page I had apparently written down a phone number
and price amount on but nothing more than that. I don't remember when
I wrote the number down but I called it anyway to see if we could come
see the apartment. So we saw it and it was very nice. The guy said
there were a few other people who had seen it but he said if we wanted
it he was willing to just give it to us haha. He agreed to let us take
a day to think about it. The next day he called us and said the other
people were asking about if they could have the apartment so he wanted
to see if we wanted it or not. I said we did, so now we have a new
apartment :) I'm pretty excited to move!

Yesterday was a busy day in church, no surprise there though :) We
taught a combined priesthood/relief society class about how the
members can be more involved with missionary work. It went pretty
good. Then we had testimony meeting and that was way sweet. Tobias,
our investigator who's getting baptized on the 16th, got up and bore
his testimony! The best part was that after he got up there, the first
thing he said was, "Okay when I say hallelujah you all say amen."
Haha.. Some of the members didn't quite know how to react but there
were many, myself included, who said, "Amen!" It was great :) After
that he just gave a very sincere, thankful testimony about God.

Oh yeah so we had the ward Christmas party last Friday. It was pretty
fun. Harald sang a lot of American Christmas songs that I knew. My
favorite one was "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley haha I just had to
sing along :) Judy Larsen, a member from America, made really good
stuffing for it too. No we didn't get to see the Christmas devotional.
I had forgotten they even had one haha.

I bore my testimony again on Sunday. I really enjoy baring my
testimony :) I'm so grateful that I have a testimony. I'm thankful to
know that God lives and He is our father. I am grateful to be able to
say that I know Christ is the Savior of the world and He lives. I know
revelation is real and I know we can receive it by the Holy Ghost.