Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tobias is getting baptized this week!

Dear All,

Well today most of our time ended up going to cleaning the old
apartment and getting some problems sorted out there. The old landlord
is kind of "hurt" that we're leaving so he's causing a lot of problems
both for us and the church. Ah, I don't know why people can't just be
easy going and helpful all the time haha.

I went to the dentist today to try on the mouth guard and guess what?
They had the wrong one delivered to them so they sent me on a wild
goose chase to the technician who had made the mouth guard originally
to try and find mine haha. I think I am one of the most unlucky people
around, but oh well it'll work out.
We won't be having pday next Monday because I'll be calling
on Christmas but I'll be able to send an email to talk more about
calling plans and such then. I would say if it's not too much of a
hassle, just get the international plan with Qwest cuz then I could
save some on buying a calling card but if it's too much then don't
worry about it :)

Tobias is getting baptized this week so I'm way excited. He's been
doing way awesome. There are so many things going on this week it's
crazy! There's a ton of meetings, baptisms and Christmas activities
all at once.

It's been pretty cold this past week but it was way nice for one day.
It was warm enough to rain haha. It's been crazy on the roads cuz
after it rained all the water froze on the roads so pretty much
everywhere we go we run and slide the whole way. It's really fun going
home cuz live at the bottom of a hill so we just slide down :)
Winter's cold but it makes things exciting.

Have a good week :)

Love you,


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