Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we had Stake Conference and it was really good. I started writing down all the "Tender Mercies of the Lord" that I see each day. Sunday was the first day I began. It was cool to realize how much the Lord is in my life, I love it :) I noticed too that He blessed me with more spiritual experiences as I tried to be thankful for every one. It felt good to go through my long list of blessings at the end of the day :)

Elder Daniel Farrer

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 16

Dear All,

So everything has been going good :) We had a really busy week which was good. At about 9am Sunday morning the Bishop called me and asked if I would give a talk that day in Sacrament meeting. I was a little caught off guard but I accepted anyway. I spoke about what it has been like to be a missionary in Norway. It was great practice for my homecoming talk ;) I think it went well though, it looked like only a few people were falling asleep haha.

We don't have any baptisms coming up before I leave yet.. We're working with a really special woman right now that I'm hoping will be baptized in the not too distant future. I'll be praying for it :)

It's strange to think I'll be coming home so soon. On Sunday, the bishop announced that I would be going home soon so this was my last talk here. I'm excited to see everyone at home again but it was kind of sad to think I'll have to say goodbye to everyone here. I'm looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks though :D



Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 15 Fredrikstad

1st Picture - This is my "Is this really happening to me?" face :D

2nd Picture - The other night my companion was snoring like a wild gorilla and I couldn't get to sleep.. This is what time it was. He continued for about an hour after that when I finally got to sleep once he stopped haha.

Hello All,

I wanted to tell you about on Sunday afternoon we went to the Catholic church since we know the guy who plays guitar for them. It was a lot different than what we're used to in church on Sunday. But even if you put aside all the "small" details that are so different their was still one thing missing; the Spirit. I kept waiting and waiting but I still didn't feel anything. The closest I came to feeling something good was when we sang a few of the songs. It's nothing against that church or the people there but I gained a stronger testimony of why I go to our church on Sunday. The Spirit really is present in our meetings and it does testify of the truth! I am grateful for that :)



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week14 Fredrikstad

It has been a good week.

On Wednesday we went to the funeral for the son of one of the member's here. He was about 21 years old when he drowned. I was asked to dedicate the grave site, which a sweet experience. It was a nice funeral service that was done in the Norwegian Church. They had a guy sing "You Raise Me Up" and "Amazing Grace". He was a really good singer, sounded almost exactly like Josh Groban. I think the last funeral I went to was grandma Ileen's. It was sad to see the family and close friends saying their final "goodbye's" but I felt comfort and peace in knowing that he is not gone forever. I'm grateful that we were invited to attend. It was a good reminder, to me, of how precious life is and how quickly it can end. I'm so happy to know of what a great plan Heavenly Father has created for us :)

Sunday, fast and testimony meeting, was cool too. It was one of those days where everyone was practically racing each other up to the pulpit. The spirit was so great! One of our newer member's was sitting next to me. He leaned over and said he "felt this fantastic feeling that he just couldn't explain but that it felt wonderful." A few minutes later he got up and bore a great testimony of Priesthood Blessings and the temple. He had been unsure of whether or not he had a testimony. He then said, "I now know that I have a real testimony. I know this church is true and I'm so happy to be a member of it." It was cool :)

Earlier that morning I was studying/preparing to teach about Eternal Marriage and the Temple to two other recent converts in our ward. I've been having some really good studies the past couple of days; especially reading from the scriptures. Funny how much easier and more fun it can be to teach a lesson when you've been able to gain a stronger testimony of it beforehand. It's cool how the priesthood authority can really bind things both on earth and in heaven. I enjoyed teaching that lesson :)



Week13 Fredrikstad

Conference was soo good! There were so many things that just hit right home for me. We didn't get to see the Afternoon session on Sunday so I'm looking forward to watching it sometime soon but the rest were good. I really liked listening to President Monson, he was way funny and had very clear messages. I didn't write down much from what he said cuz I was listening so closely the whole time haha. I especially enjoyed what President Uchtdorf spoke about if you're ever feeling insignificant or alone, remember how much you matter to Him. It was a good one :)

I thought it was cool too how much we were encouraged to read the Book of Mormon to gain the Spirit more abundantly in our lives. It's such a powerful book, I'm so grateful we have it to read! It's so true, and it's true that the more you read the closer you come to Heavenly Father. I love reading in the scriptures.



Week12 Fredrikstad

This week has gone pretty well. I went on splits with Elder Sutton on Wednesday. We had a really good day. Two people accepted our invitation to be baptized in October so I'm praying they both work out. I noticed things became kind of harder the more success we had. It's nice to have some time to take it easy for a bit.

Conference next week will be broadcast in Moss so we're spending the weekend there with the other Elders. I'm so excited for conference! It's always such an uplifting experience.



Week11 Fredrikstad Autumn

Actually that past few days, including this morning, have been very good days :) Mom, I've been just edging to tell you this but it just clicked for me a little earlier today. So I didn't forget that you were going to fast for me I just hadn't thought about too much.. I am so grateful that you did though cuz it did a lot for me! For quite a long time Sundays have been fairly tough for me cuz of the stress and things that have to get done during church each week. This Sunday was different.. We actually had to do more than usual. We had to teach one class and then sing in Sacrament meeting. The day before I felt nervous but not like usual. Sunday morning came and I found myself able to notice when I started to feel anxious and even able to relax right after that. Which is not usually how it goes haha.. You may recall the last time I had to do something in front of the entire ward I was very nervous and sweat like crazy. Can you guess what happened this time? I didn't sweat at all, I was calm and able to sing with everything I had :-) It was a miracle.

I was comfortable all day at church. I had so many good conversations with people. It felt like a dam had been built to hold back all my blessings and suddenly the dam was broken haha. It was fantastic. My second miracle goes something like this.. A teacher from one of the local high school's called a few weeks ago and asked if we would come present the church to three different class periods. So this has kind of been something I've been dreading for a while just cuz of what has happened in the past when I've spoken in front of large groups.. But this time was different. This morning I woke up and I was nervous haha.. We began with the first presentation that would last 45 minutes. I was nervous up until I started to speak and then it was not a problem. I didn't sweat like a wild man ;) The Lord blessed me with the ability to say what I wanted to say and what he needed me to say. It was probably the most calm I've ever been, while giving a presentation, in my entire life. So thank you, mom, for your fasting that brought about miracles in my life.

On the mission front things are going nicely. We've been teaching a lot more lately and it has been really fun! One spiritual thought I've been sharing with members is from Abraham 3:4. Here it talks about how one day for the Lord is 1,000 years for us. I think it's cool to think about this scripture because if you say, for example, each person lives to be 80 years old. According to the Lord's time that would be approximately two hours. We're only on this Earth for a very short time. We may have many trials and challenges but if we endure for a time we will find lasting joy, peace and happiness to come. I heard a quote that says, "You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough." This thought has helped me to put many of my difficulties into perspective and to see all the blessings around me, which are many. Just a thought for the week :) I feel like that kind of sums up how my week went.

Week10 Fredrikstad

I think I forgot to mention this last week but I got a new companion. His name is Elder Burr and he's from Delta, Utah. Anyway we'll be serving together until November..

I've seen, very clearly, how hard Satan fights against the Lord's righteous causes. Especially when I start to see more success, then come the great storms of the adversary. I'm learning to laugh more at it though. I don't know how to explain it exactly but even though the pain is still the same I'm not angry about it like before. I have been blessed with ability to tolerate it a little bit more. Patience is a virtue right ? :) I don't want to jinx anything but I think I'm finally starting to get it haha.

My time is somewhat short today.. We were in Moss and then Drammen for most of the day. But I really am grateful for that quote. I printed it out to read a few more times :)



Week 9 Fredrikstad

We had a pretty good Fast and Testimony meeting. Many of the testimonies born had to do with trials and difficulties we all have to go through so we can grow. I guess it just really hit home for me cuz sometimes it feels like there's never a day I'm not working through one trial or another ya know? I've been trying to learn to accept each challenge and hopefully be able to welcome them since they are what help us come closer to God. It was a cool experience as well cuz I was able to translate for one of our new converts who doesn't speak Norwegian. I really felt like I was blessed with the gift of tongues. I think that was the best I've ever translated and I know I received help from above.

Better get going..



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 8 Fredrikstad

Things changed around for the better this week. Thank you for your prayers :) They were greatly needed and very appreciated. I came across a comment during the week that said to the effect that "This work is much greater than you or I. No matter what obstacles or challenges come in the way it will continue to roll forward." It got me thinking to really how great everything is, God, the heavens, the universe and everyone inside it. I have a hard time trusting people and I've had a hard time trusting in the Lord. This week I put my trust in Him and I found myself receiving more strength to do what He asks me to do. I strengthened my love for the gospel and I was more happy. When I pray it feels like I am actually talking with Him, and I know I am. I put it all out on the table and I gave it to my Savior. I let go. It's interesting to me what the actual purpose of our existence here on earth is. We are here to have joy, to work to obtain eternal life which means obeying all of God's commandments and rules, basically we're here to do His will. Yes, there are many other things that come under that but the biggest thing is to prepare to meet God. I guess this thought just made it simpler for me to trust in Heavenly Father.

I've had some very good experiences this week:)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 6 Fredrikstad

This week was kind of slow in some ways and exciting in others. We got invited to a bunch of barbeque's throughout the week and they were all way fun! One family made delicious, homemade hamburger's that were pretty comparable to the ones we have. Yumm, grilled food is tasty.

On Tuesday we had a conference in Romerike. President talked to us about Ether 12:27 and how it says that God gives us weakness. I've read that scripture a ton of times but it didn't really click before that He gives us our weaknesses so that we will be humble and come to Him. So we recognize our weakness and then take it to the Lord. Use the Atonement in a proactive way so that weakness will be made into a strength. I've been trying it with some of my weaknesses and it's been cool to see how much Christ will make up for if I willingly let go of the weakness.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 5 Fredrikstad

This week has been a pretty busy one. On one of the days we went to
help a lady in the ward move a bunch of rocks from one side of the
yard to the other. It was a good work out and since we don't get
opportunities to do that too often it was nice. It reminded me a lot
of working in the yard back home :) Not too many things beat some good
ol manual labor. She made us a fantastic dinner afterward with this
elk meat that was from a friend who shot the animal on their land so
it was just about as natural as they come haha it was delicious.

Sunday was a really good day as well. We got a lot done and it felt
good. After church we taught one of the really cool recent converts
about the Priesthood. As we were talking with him the Bishop was
locking up the church and asked if we'd help him bring the sacrament
to two sisters from the ward. The recent convert we were teaching
became a Priest not too long ago and hadn't blessed the sacrament yet.
It was a really sweet experience when he read through it for the first
time. We finished our second visit when the Bishop says, "Hey, I think
another member lives close by here, let's drop by." That happened a
couple of times, it was great :) The last guy we visited offered us
some juice and since my comp and I were still fasting we declined. Of
course the Bishop was fasting as well. It was nearly 7pm by this time
and we decided it was probably time to call it a day. Time really flew
when we were out visiting everyone. It was awesome cuz I didn't really
think of how I was hungry. I think we were all blessed with the Spirit
in doing the Lord's work :)

We went crab hunting again today and got back kinda late..
Unfortunately we didn't catch any this time cuz it was way too stormy.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 4

Dear all,

On Saturday we had a double baptism. Two awesome people got baptized
and it was cool. Their step mom sang "Families Can Be Together
Forever" along with guitar accompaniment and then my comp and I sang
"As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth EFY Medley" with
her and another lady from the ward. The next day before sacrament
meeting the Bishop asked us to sing it again. I was kinda caught off
guard haha didn't think I'd have to sing one more time..

It was crazy though cuz we spent almost two days trying to find the
dad some pants so he could baptize both his kids. Supposedly someone
had even gone to Sweden to get some but they didn't have them so we
ended up driving all over the place looking. We finally found some and
after that everything else just fell into place :)

Today we went out to a place called Hvaler. It's a nice beach/ocean
area and it was way awesome! As you can see from the pictures we went
crab hunting. I caught a couple crabs but just threw 'em back in the
water of course. The second one I caught was way huge and that's in
the picture without my face in it. It was cool cuz we'd use meat from
muscles to lure the crabs out of hiding. I found this one place that
had a ton of crabs in it. There were three of them and they all
started fightin over a piece of meat haha. Finally this big ol crab
came side steppin out from some seaweed right in front of me so I went
for it and got it, it was sick :) We're totally gonna go do it again
next p-day, I'm excited.

Better get goin..



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 3

Dear All,

The stuff that happened in Oslo has definitely been a topic of
conversation around here. I haven't heard about any members being
around it when it happened so I think all is well there. All the
missionaries are alright though. I guess President Johansen made a
statement on KSL, don't know if you heard it or not? Anyway it was a
crazy situation. We were eating dinner at a member's house and they
had the news on so we heard all about it.

It has been a good week, thanks for all your prayers :) This ward is
way awesome about feeding us so I've been eating really well haha.
Last week I think we ate dinner at a member's house everyday. It's
been awesome cuz I've really been able to get to know everyone better.
Oh and everyone asks me how long I've been out on a mission then say,
"Oh, you don't have much time left." so pretty much I could not forget
how short time I have left cuz I have a small reminder at least once a
day ;-)

On Sunday we talked with a really cool guy who's dating a member in
the ward. He's been reading in the Gospel Principles book and had a
bunch of questions for us, it was great! I had a lot of fun trying to
answer each question. It was good too cuz at the beginning of the week
I felt like I needed to read more from the scriptures, so I did :) I
pretty much have been spending an hour just studying the scriptures
everyday and it has been so cool. I've just been haulin' through the
Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon. What was even cooler
(almost ice cold) about it was that people would have some question
and I had maybe just studied it that day or the day before. The
scriptures are just so powerful and have so many answers in them.

Oh so guess what else?! We ate dinner at a family's house and the mom
is American. All her kids spoke way good English and ya know what she
made for dinner, pancakes and bacon. Breakfast for dinner, not a
Norwegian thing but for sure an American thing haha.

In other news things are going well. Have a happy Pioneer Day :)



Monday, July 18, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 2

So I haven't heard too much more about the investigator in Oslo. She's not being taught right now cuz she's on vacation but I know the Elders in Oslo have
been keeping pretty good contact.

This week was kind of a slower one than usual.. Alot of people have
been busy or on vacation which left more time to contact people on the
street. We were contacting in the city all day on Saturday and talked
with a lot of people. We ate kebab's for lunch and while we were
eating one of the guys who worked there started talking to us. He's
lived all over the place and has met the missionaries in different
parts of Norway. It was pretty cool talking with him.

We had zone conference on Tuesday. It was a pretty good experience and
President had many good things to say as usual. One thing I
particularly liked was when he talked about coming to know God. How we
come to know Him as we strive to do His will and serve others. It was
really good.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Fredrikstad week 1 - I beat my companion in ping pong :)‏

Dear all,

Yeah so I found out that the address I was given is actually wrong but
even though it's wrong anything addressed to the one I gave you still
comes to us so no worries there :) Thanks for sending the card.. The
real address is...

Dalkleven 11
1671 Kråkerøy

You made your own Vanilla Sugar? Wow, you are amazing :) That is way
awesome mom! I can't wait to try it this Christmas.

Things have been going pretty well since I arrived here in
Fredrikstad. The day after I got here we had dinner with the Bishop
and his family. It was nice to get to know them and his kids are way
fun. The Bishop's wife made some really delicious Philippino food. We
were actually going to be eating dinner with them again on Sunday so
she asked if we wanted anything special. I suggested spring rolls (cuz
they are fantastic) and she happened to have some already made, it was
great :)

On Friday we went and visited the Hooper family and they are a way
awesome family! Two of the kids in that are going to be getting
baptized soon and I'm excited for them. Jack, the dad, is a funny guy.
He turned on the song "Honky Tonk Badonky donk" and did this
ridiculous dance to it haha, I could not stop laughing.

Saturday I had the district meeting with my new district. The district
only has me and my comp (of course) and then two Elders from Moss.
They're all really cool guys and they each bring something good to the
group so it's fun stuff :) I think it's going to be a fun transfer.

My first Sunday here was very busy. Pretty much everyone came up and
welcomed me into the ward, it was way cool. I was able to talk with a
lot of really good people who have some amazing conversion stories.
Haha in sacrament meeting I was kinda caught off guard though when I
heard the bishops counselor announce that, "our first speaker today
will be the new missionary, Elder Farrer. He will be taking five
minutes to talk to us today." No one said anything to me about it
beforehand so I was somewhat put on the spot, but it turned out okay
so it was all good :) I was asked to prepare a 15 minute talk for next
week as well haha. Welcome to the ward right ;-)

Basically I'm happy with where I'm at now. Fredrikstad is has a lot of
green country area around it which I enjoy so much :) It's nice to not
be in such a busy city. My comp, Elder Perry, is a way awesome guy and
we've been having a lot of fun together. I think it's going to be a
real good transfer :)

That's cool that Elder Stulen has been dropping by from time to time.
Can you tell him hello from me next time you see him? I miss him too,
he's such a good guy!

I hope you have a truly meaningful week and enjoy all the precious
moments that come your way :)



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hello All,

So guess what? We found Emma! It was so awesome how it all went down.
What happened was that we went to visit the address you gave me and
knocked on the door. No one answered so we just left a card with a
little note and our number on it. Later one that night she sent us a
text and said she got the note and was excited to meet with us! We met
a few days after that and she even brought a friend with her to hear
as well. She said she really wants to get baptized but her mom is
against it. The law says that she can but she's worried about how her
mom will react. Now we're trying to figure out ways we can show her
mom that we're not so dangerous people so hopefully she'll change her
mind soon :) She's way cool though and the teach we had with her went
way well.

Oh so I have another "guess what?" I'm moving to Fredrikstad on
Wednesday and my new companion will be Elder Perry. I've heard a lot
of good things about the area and also about Elder Perry so I'm
excited to go there :)

On Tuesday Elder Mathews (an Elder in my district) got a surprise call
from the president and was told he'd be moving early to Stavanger, in
fact he would be leaving early the next morning. He happened to be on
splits with my comp and I since his comp was interviewing someone for
baptism in another area. So we had to hang around with him while he
packed for a little while and did some last minute things before
flying out the next day haha it was kind of a surprise.

Thursday we had the opportunity to go to Sandvika for a baptism that
the Elders there had. They needed my comp to play the piano cuz I
guess all the pianists in the ward were either busy or on vacation
haha. It was a peaceful experience. We got there a little early so I
had the opportunity to play a little on the organ. The only songs I
could think of at the time were apologize and viva la vida :) They
sounded pretty sweet once I started using the base foot pedals and
all. It was exciting.

We got to teach our investigator from Pakistan again this week. He's
been really busy so it was kinda hard to meet but it was awesome to
read the Book of Mormon with him. He works as a Taxi driver and keeps
suggesting that we call him sometime soon so he can drive us somewhere
haha. I haven't taken him up on his offer yet but we'll see ;)

I played volleyball today for p-day and it was a riot. The stakes were
pretty high too. For every game you lost your team had to do ten push
ups (sisters included). If you lost the series you had to do thirty
push ups. So we were winning for a while in the beginning but the
tables turned and my team ended up doing the thirty push ups. It was
kinda lame but I got a great workout out of it haha.



Monday, June 27, 2011

Oslo June 27, 2011

Dear All,

Thanks for giving me Emma's address. We'll head out there sometime
this week and see how it goes :)

On Monday we were able to teach this guy who is from Pakistan. This
guy has been very interested in meeting with us and even wanting to
take the Book of Mormon back to his home country to teach people more
about it :) His son died a few years ago so the spirit was way strong
when we taught him about the spirit world.

Tuesday we went and visited a referral we'd received from church
headquarters. It was this girl who had been on, chatting
with the missionaries there. She had also read a ton of stuff on and had watched many videos. It was way cool to talk with her
and see how much she knew. She basically bore her testimony to us and
said that the only thing that would be holding her back from getting
baptized is she wasn't sure how well it would work since she's in a
wheelchair. She came to church and absolutely loved it! She has a
great testimony and is really a great person :) I'm excited for her to
get baptized even though I'll most likely be moved before she does.

We've also been doing a lot of street contacting to try and find more
people to teach. We had a street stand on Saturday which went pretty
well. It was like the one we did last year only in a different area of
the city. We had a big flag with Christ on it that was really cool :)
Oh it was kind of a bad choice of day though cuz the Oslo gay parade
came by, right in front of us, it was ridiculous. No joke it was like
sodom and gomorrah haha. It was a surprise though, I had no idea there
were so many gay people in Oslo..

After the street stand we went and had dinner with a less active
member and her non-member husband. She's American and he's Swedish.
They have the most interesting story of how they met haha.. They found
each other through playing Final Fantasy online (online video game).
They didn't go into much detail but I was pretty surprised :) It was
fun talking to an american too. We had banana splits for dessert which
was definitely a first in Norway.

This other lady came to church on Sunday cuz I had promised to give
her a Book of Mormon when she came. She actually "contacted" me on the
street and asked me a bunch of questions. I didn't have a book to give
her at that time so that's why I told her she could get one later. She
said she would like to come back next week and check things out more.
She was kind of skeptic but still interested.

So that's how my week went this week for the most part.

Love Daniel

Monday, June 6, 2011


I started reading through the Pearl of Great Price a few days ago and
the book of Moses is really cool. In the very first chapter just after
Moses had been in the presence of God, Satan appears to him and says
"Moses, son of man, worship me." I love what Moses says in verse 13,
"Who art thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his
Only Begotten..." When Satan confronted him, Moses knew of which
divine nature and noble right he had. He being considered of similar
worth as the Savior, the Only Begotten Son. What incredible worth! As
I read that I felt a stronger feeling of how much we truly are worth
to our Father in Heaven. He loves us no matter what :)

I'm not sure what happened with our guy from Spain. I think he might
have gone on vacation to Spain cuz we haven't been able to reach him.
We taught another guy again this week though. He's from Nigeria and he
really liked the Plan of Salvation. It was funny cuz after everything
new we said that he hadn't heard about before he would say "What?
Where is that in the Bible? Show it to me." Haha it was fun to teach
him. My comp is way good at remembering where everything is in the
scriptures so that was nice. I can remember what the scriptures say
but I don't remember the references like he does so we make a good
team :)

Thank you for sharing the story from Bishop Barton's testimony with
me. I think it's true, the trials we receive are opportunities to come
closer to Heavenly Father even though it can be difficult to
understand that that's why we receive many trials.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Life is okay:)

Well, let me tell you about the week. On Tuesday we taught a really
cool guy who is from Spain. He is half Jewish and half Catholic. It's
kinda funny how we met him cuz while we were out contacting on Karl
Johans Gate I stopped him and asked if he'd heard of the Book of
Mormon. He said out of all the religions and beliefs he liked the
"Mormons" the best. After we invited him to talk more he told us he
had actually been drinking and wasn't sure if it was appropriate to
talk about such spiritual things at that time. I was way surprised and
hadn't even noticed he was drunk. Anyway, we taught later and he said
he'd been praying for a way to come closer to Jesus Christ. Once we
finished teaching he turned to me on the way out and said, "Ya know, I
don't think it was a coincidence that we met." I'm excited to continue
teaching him :)

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. It could not have
come at a more better time :)


Elder Farrer

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oslo continues

Daniel's new address is below:

Eldste Daniel Farrer
Pilestredet Park 19 #401
0176 Oslo, Norway

I have not been received any encouraging emails for the past few weeks from Daniel. It turns out that he has been having some very discouraging times
with his health issues not being resolved.

He really needs our prayers!!!!!! And any emails or letters or cards of encouragement would be so appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oslo is Good!

Dear All,

Concerning the work here in Oslo, there is a woman we met on the first day I got
to Oslo. Her name is Solange. We were on our way back to the apartment
to each lunch when I saw this lady walking towards us and I felt like
we should talk to her. She didn't have time then but was really
interested in hearing more about the Book of Mormon. Since that day
we've met with her a couple of times and just the other day we
happened to see her walking home from work. She told us that "...ever
since I met you guys I have just felt so happy and positive. I came
home from work last night at 11 o'clock and started reading from the
book you gave me (the Book of Mormon) until 12:30 am. Now today,
everything has been going so good. I feel like this new light is in my
life, even though I am going through a divorce as well. So since I
have met you guys things have been really good."

I have no doubt that we were meant to find her at the time we did. She
has two 4 year-old boys, works at a restaurant so has way crazy hours
and is going through a divorce. Heavenly Father definitely know's his
children and wants to help them. The Book of Mormon is a wonderful
source of feeling peace, joy and the spirit. And it's such a fantastic
message really! It being the "keystone" makes it the way we can know
the answer for ourselves. It's either all true or it's not right?



Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm moving to .... Oslo!

Dear All,

I'll be moving this coming Wednesday to Oslo. I don't think it is
coincidence that I'm moving back there. Anyway, I'm pretty happy to be going to Oslo for next transfer. My new
companion is Elder Stewart, who is a good guy. I served around him
quite often when I was in Arendal and I got to know him pretty well. I
am excited to move and quite a bit relieved at the same time. I'm
hoping for the best :)

When you mentioned that about how there's "never a dull moment around
here" it reminded me of when Elder Holland in the last general
conference quotes Harold B. Lee he said, "the gospel is 'to comfort
the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable." I thought it was kinda
funny and interesting how the Lord helps us to grow by "afflicting" us
with challenges and also comforts us when we've fallen lower then we
ever thought possible.



Monday, April 18, 2011

God Påske!‏ (Norwegian Happy Easter!)

Dear All :)

This past week has been a really good one. Me and my comp pretty much
walked all over the entire city maybe two or three times throughout
the entire week and it was great :) Haha I hadn't really noticed how
much we'd walked until I woke up this morning and everything was way
stiff. Luckily the weather is nice and warm so it makes things more
comfortable while outside.

Anyway so back to why the past week has been so good.. I think I was
able to experience what you might call "a mighty change of heart."
Even though I've still had headaches or other challenges I have been
so happy. I feel like I was able to really get "lost in the work" and
it felt really good :) I don't even know how to explain it but it's
like a spiritual fire has been lit within me and I just can't get
enough of the gospel. The scriptures are so powerful and they give us
so much.

Yesterday they had a farewell program for one of the young men who's
going on his mission soon to the Salt Lake City, Utah mission. They
had some really good musical numbers. One was the EFY Medley "We'll
bring the world His truth/Sister's in Zion" and another really good
one was "In the Hollow of they Hand." I'm not quite sure who wrote
that one but it was definitely a keeper:) It feel's like such a short
time since I gave my "farewell" talk haha.

I'm grateful to hear that y'all are cheering for me :) I think I'm
finally starting to understand a bit more what it means to "Be still
and know that I am God." I don't think I quite got the whole "Be
still" part before but I think letting go of our own will and allowing
His to take its place has somewhat to do with it. Just a thought.

I am really starting to see and feel the
love for the people among whom I serve. It is so hard to put into words
but it's kind of like that feeling you get when after to come out of the temple, ya know it?
Heavenly Father has blessed me so much in the past few weeks :) Now it
doesn't even matter that I've had clenching problems or sinus problems
cuz everything else just feels too good. Ah it's fantastic :)



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conference was pretty awesome!‏‏

Dear All,

I must admit that conference was just wonderful! I'm pretty sure a good number of those
talks were written personally to me cuz they applied so well :) There
were quite a few talks that stood out to me that were about pain,
trials and afflictions we go through in life. Considering the
headaches and sinus problems that seem to occur on a regular basis,
those talks really hit home for me :) It is amazing to me how fine
tuned the spirit can be to be able to speak to each one of our need's
in such a worldwide conference.

We don't have any baptisms coming up but we just started teaching a
lady named Gerd who is pretty cool. She had a ton of questions the
first time we met with her and she was so anxious to learn more. It
was sweet to see the spirit leading the teach as well.

In comparing Skien to Arendal, I think I like Arendal better. Although
I did get to see Arendal both during the winter and summer times. Here
I've just seen winter and a little spring but it still isn't quite as
pretty as Arendal. The ward here is definitely bigger and I don't have
to give as many talks haha.

I've been learning Nepalese from a Nepalese family who's in the ward
here. They were baptized about a year ago and we get to have family
home evening with them almost every Monday :) They also make a huge
dinner with tons of rice for everyone haha.



ps. Here's a picture of my district :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Dear All,

We spent a lot of time cleaning our apartment today. There were dust
webs stuck all around the upper walls and ceilings, it was crazy! I
started wiping down one wall and noticed what the actual color of the
original paint job was haha it was a lot lighter. I hadn't realized
how much dust was actually in that apartment before but it was pretty

I'm so excited for spring to finally be here. It's been much warmer
and it is soo nice :) We've even been able to go running in the
mornings which, I must say, was much needed after the long winter
hibernation. The snow is also gone in many places. It's so nice to
finally see the sun out for most of the day :)



Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Dear All,

This week was a very trying one for me. Everyday I've been having
pretty big headache's and I've been much more tired than usual. It's a
funny thing with being tired, it seems to increase my stress levels by
like one thousand haha. Anyway, basically it was like one thing after
another kept coming in the way of things. But in the end it has all
worked out and life is good now :)

We had a lot of time to be out contacting during the day on Wednesday
and we taught like crazy! On Friday we were able to teach a girl we
had met on the street and we invited her to be baptized. She said she
really wanted to be baptized and even wants to serve a mission, it was
really cool :)

The internet in the church here is down today so
we're having to use a member's computer and so I don't have too much
time to write.

Thanks for all your prayers.



Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello All,

This week has been a really good one and I've learned a lot. Do you
ever have those moments where you're reading in the scriptures and you
come across something you've read or learned about many times before
but this time it clicks in a different way? That happened to me as I
was reading and pondering about the love of God. Suddenly it just
clicked and I think I felt a small bit of how much love He really has
for us. I think it's quite a bit :)

On Thursday, I went on splits in Tønsberg. I had just gotten back from
a Leadership Training Meeting in Oslo so I was excited to try some
things I had just learned. As we began our day with contacting people
on the streets things just weren't working out quite the same as they
did when I was in Oslo. Okay, before I go on with that story I need to
explain what happened in Oslo. So we did a finding activity where each
of us were assigned a companion and an area that we would be in. We
were told to set some goals, pray about them and then go to that area.
After we set some good goals and prayed we were on our way. Before
even getting to our assigned area we stopped a guy who turned out to
be interested. He walked with us back to the institute center and we
taught him there. He accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to meet
again. This happened once more in almost the exact same way except it
took us even less time to find the next person, who was a lady from
Brazil. Basically it was a miracle that we found both of these people
in so short of time and since they were both so positive.

Anyway, I wanted to have this same type of experience while on splits
in Tønsberg but we soon found that it wasn't working. I was so puzzled
and unsure as to what it was we were doing wrong. We stopped to talk
about it and prayed to Heavenly Father for guidance. We soon realized
that while everything "mechanically" was spot on, those who we spoke
to could not feel how much we cared about them or our message. We then
prayed that we could have an increase of love for the people and we
went on our way. The third person we talked to stopped, was
interested, and we taught him right there on the street. After the
second or third positive person we couldn't wait to talk to the next
guy coming our way. We started crossing the street back and forth in
order to talk to everyone. It felt so good and I didn't ever want to
stop :) It was really cool!

My scripture of last week has been Ether chapter 2 and 3, the story of
the Jaredites building barges and then needing something to provide
light as they sailed across the ocean. I find it interesting how they
solve this problem. Especially when the Lord asks the brother of Jared
what it is that he would have him do to solve their problem. Instead
of giving him the answer he allows the brother of Jared the chance to
grow in faith. So he polishes up some stones and tells the Lord to
touch the stones so they will give light. Then, because he had so much
faith in the Lord he first see's the Lord's finger and then the rest
of him.

I've thought about this story many times this week. I think many times
I expect Heavenly Father to just solve my problems or make them go
away instead of studying out a solution then going to him after, like
it says in D&C 9:8. The brother of Jared probably thought it was
somewhat silly, bringing a bunch of polished rocks and having the Lord
make them light up, but that was the best he could come up with and so
the Lord accepted it.

I've tried to follow this process more with all challenges I face and
I have to admit I was pretty surprised at how things have been working
out. Heavenly Father is there to help us but he loves us so much that
he'll allow us to grow and learn for ourselves and then filling in
where we lack.

Personal revelation and the power of prayer are both so great. I'm
grateful to have these gifts available to us!



ps. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." I really like this
quote. Every time I came across something and started to think it was
way too hard I'd try to focus on how simple it really is. The gospel
is so great that way. It's all simply there, we just have to apply it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 7, 2011

Dear All,

Well the investigator that said she was going to call the police
actually ended up not calling the police but she's taking a break from
investigating the church right now. Guess she has to take care of some
psychological difficulties for now. So don't know about that one but
we're still on the search for more people seeking the truth :)

On Saturday night we were invited to a one year anniversary dinner for
two of our investigator's. It was way cool cuz they had a few other
friends there as well which made for great opportunity to talk about
the gospel (Especially since we were in suits and had missionary
name tags on). At one point the entire dinner conversation turned to us
and everyone was listening to what we do and why. It was exciting cuz
usually people are more afraid to talk when we're out on the streets
but at a dinner like that it was interesting to see how much people
actually wonder.

Another time when we were teaching the same two investigator's they
had a friend show up unexpectedly. She had a little extra time and
decided to sit in on the teach for a bit. I could definitely feel she
wasn't too interested to hear but rather to raise argument or show
that she knew more than us since she was much older. It was kinda
funny cuz she expected us to react and argue but when we responded
calmly and moved on with teaching she wasn't too happy. Her final
comments before leaving were to declare that Elder Whitehead and I are
all too young to know the truth of things like this. When you're at
that age you see the world and everything around you as perfect and
happy haha. I thought by then we'd have to whip out the boxing gloves
and start up a match but that was all she wanted to say. It all ended
well though cuz our investigator's were basically bearing testimony
about the church as she tried to convince them otherwise so that was
cool to see :)



February 28, 2011

Dear All,

Well it sounds like you all had a good time in Jackson this week. Yep,
that type of weather definitely sounds familiar :) Last week it
started snowing on Tuesday or Wednesday and almost never stopped until
Saturday evening. It wasn't a constant, heavy snow the entire time but
there was always a constant mist sort of stuff in the air. It was
interesting. My face was moist each time we went outside :)

During the week we met with a guy and his wife who have come to church
off and on since a little before Christmas. The wife is from Northern
Norway and grew up with a Christian belief but the guy has never
believed in God until recently. He's had some self-esteem challenges
and talks alot about how he still is learning about what love is. It's
funny because even though she's more christian than he is, she won't
really pray to find out if the Book of Mormon is true but he will. She
is convinced that she'll be shown the way and that she doesn't need to
ask any question's through prayer. They are both very talkative people
though so teaches with them can take some time :)

We had a very strange teaching situation with another woman we've been
teaching at a member's house the other day. She had some problem come
up right before we met with her so it kind of made things challenging.
After we finished eating dinner I started to begin with the lesson
when all of the sudden our investigator stands up and says, "No! I've
gotta call the police! I think I need to be driven home now!" So the
member drove her home and that was that haha. I guess she had loaned
one of her friends 80,000 krones at one point in time and when she
recently tried to get this friend to pay her back she wouldn't. She
just started calling all of our investigator's friends and spreading
rumors about her. Our investigator was really scared of what was being
said so that's why she freaked out during the teach. I just never
thought my teaching could lead someone to call the police ;-) hehe

I can't even believe how fast the time has flown! It's already been
nine weeks and I'll be getting a new companion this Wednesday. Can you
guess who it is? Haha Elder Whitehead, my companion from when I was in
the MTC. I haven't really talked to him too much since we were in the
MTC so I think it'll be interesting :) It's amazing how quickly time
goes once you look back at it. It's strange to think that I was in the
MTC more than a year ago.



The Work Goes On:)

Dear All,

We had a pretty good week with a lot of teaches, but on Sunday none of
our investigator's were able to come to church.. That didn't feel too
good cuz we had taken lot's of time and energy to help them get there
but in the end it seemed like we had nothing to show for it. That
morning I read a talk called "That We Might Have Joy." It was about
being able to still experience happiness and joy even when things for
you aren't going exactly the way you want them to. How we can feel joy
by choosing to open our hearts to the Savior's redeeming power and by
sharing our testimony of that power with others. There is so much that
can come from understanding the Savior's Atonement. In this article
the author talks about how our situations and surroundings shouldn't
have a lasting impact on is. But that true joy comes by obedience to
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Understanding how much they've done
for us and realizing that, like the scripture in 2 Nephi says, "men
are that they might have joy."

Last week we had an interesting teach with a lady named Evy Ann.
Eventually the lesson got around to me asking her what it was that she
was looking for in life. What is was that she really wanted. After she
answered and we talked about it for a little while she then turned and
asked me the same thing, "What do you desire in life?" I have to admit
that out of all the times I've asked people that they've never asked
me so I had to think about it for a minute. I responded, "True joy."
Then it was like a light bulb came on for me. Everything I'm doing and
everything I've been doing has lead me to experience more of that
"true joy" I want. The gospel is all about happiness and it is the
only way to find lasting happiness. I am so thankful to know of His

love, Daniel

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

District Leader job has been going better and better. It has been
a pretty big challenge at times but I learn something new each time
and it's getting to be more fun :) I think i'm finally starting to get
a better hang of things so it's nice. In the beginning I wasn't too
good at handling the extra stress but now it is no problem :) I have really seen the hand of
the Lord in my life last week. I came to a very real realization of
the sustaining power of the Spirit. I was qualified in many situations
and given strength when I felt like there was nothing left. Oh and it
has been freezing up here but I am keeping plenty warm so don't worry

Yesterday I felt in a more real sense that Jesus Christ is guiding and
supporting me. My companion and I were asked to give talks in
Sacrament meeting. I don't know why but for the last while I have been
more afraid of speaking in front of people. I was so nervous yesterday
and I was very worried. Then I tried to picture myself giving the talk
but also with Christ standing by my side as I did so. I felt calm and
at peace. I was able to give my talk and could testify of what I knew
was true. I know He was there with me :)

It's interesting how much you can learn in a very short period of
time. After a few experience's and simple prayer's I feel like my
understanding has grown and I've learned a lot. Learning Norwegian was
definitely one of those blessings that came after I did all I could
first. I am still amazed at the fact that I am able to speak another
language. The Gift of Tongues is a gift I know is real and comes from
Heavenly Father.



Monday, January 31, 2011

"O Savior, stay this night with me, Behold 'tis eventide"‏

Dear All,

Last week was wonderful! Elder Jose A. Teixera of the Seventy came to
talk to us for zone conference and it was very inspiring :) I was
especially lucky cuz he had a seperate training meeting for any
leadership in the mission, so I got to be a part of that as well.
Everything he said felt like it was directed right to me and it
strengthened my testimony so much :) One thing I especially liked was
how he spoke to us about repentance. He talked about it being more
then just being forgiven of our sins. That repentance includes forming
a fresh view of God, ourselves, and the world around us. It's
basically having an attitude change coming along with being forgiven.
So the more we use the Atonement and repent the more we can begin to
see things in a new light or in a better way. It is a source of
happiness and joy :) Just like you said, staying close to the "Son"
makes us happier and more excited. Such a great thing!

He said so many golden things I couldn't write fast enough haha.
Something else he talked about was faith. He said, "You will gain more
faith by doing the things that require that faith." I've read and hear
alot that faith is action or faith requires action but the way he put
it just made it click this time :) It amazes me how simple the gospel
really is. If you want to strengthen your faith in something like
reading the Book of Mormon cuz it may be hard to see how it will help
you then just do it and watch for the blessings. It's fantastic!

My companion and I tried this last week. We decided that we didn't
have that many people to teach and we wanted more but it had been a
rough week before that so our faith was a little weak. We got back
from the conference on Friday and went out with the thought in mind
that everyone who crosses our path is seeking the truth and we have to
tell them about it. Over the past few days we've found many, many
people who we have now taught and will continue to teach. My faith
grew and I don't want it to ever stop :)

I know it's true, with faith ALL things are possible! I am so grateful
for all the possibilities we have before us. I hope you have an
enjoyable week.



Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a great day to be alive!

Feast Upon
the Word

Study Time:)

The work is going well here. President Johansen came and did our
district meeting for us so it was really good! My district consists of
two other companionships. One in Tønsberg and one in Drammen. So we
had district meeting in Drammen this week. Afterward we had to run to
catch a train that actually turned out to be delayed for over an hour!
Apparently there was a problem with the train routes in Oslo so all
the lines coming our way were delayed. Finally it came and stopped two
or three cities before Skien. A woman's voice came on the speaker
system and said they weren't going any further due to the fact that
the train was already running way off schedule. Oh and they also said
they couldn't find any busses to take us the rest of the way so we
would just have to wait and they'd let us know in a bit. It was crazy.
Everyone was lined up waiting for a Taxi voucher so they could get
home. We finally got home a few hours later when I realized that
nobody ever asked us to show our tickets. Since we were running late
we didn't get the chance to buy a train ticket ahead of time so we'd
plan to buy it on the train but no one ever came. We got both a train
ride and a Taxi drive home all for free :)

Lately we've been doing a lot of different things. We got a really
cool referral last week from the Bishop. She actually was looking
online at some of the church websites and called the bishop to see if
we could come to tell her about the church. Unfortunately we haven't
been able to meet with her yet cuz we were supposed to on Friday but
our train was delayed.. We're meeting with her tomorrow and i'm pretty
excited about that.

Yesterday a former investigator to some other missionaries showed up
in church after sacrament meeting. She's from Poland and just got back
after a vacation during Christmas. We have been trying to meet with
her but she hasn't had time. Then suddenly she said she'd come to
church, it was awesome :) There weren't any investigator's being
taught before I got here so for the past few weeks we have been doing
alot of street contacting and asking people for referrals.

We had a really good teach with a woman named Solange. She was so
positive and open to reading in and praying about the Book of Mormon.
At the end she was kind of afraid to say the prayer and said she isn't
very good. Then she gave a really powerful, sincere prayer that
brought the Spirit even more :)

Another thing that you could say was a "tender mercy of the Lord" was
when I was on splits with Elder Tedrow in Tønsberg on Thursday. We had
about an hour to go out and talk to people on the street's that
morning. So Elder Tedrow and I talked about how many people we wanted
to get an appointment with. We both felt like three was how many the
Lord had prepared for us. It was cool cuz as we were on our way back
to the car we only had two people who were going to meet us another
day. We needed one more.. We talked to one more guy, and he was
interested. We met our goal and what was even more interesting was
that the three people who were interested had all been in the same
area when we spoke with them, just at different times. We had walked
down different roads, all over the city, but each one whom the Lord
had prepared for us had been in the same place. :)

It's been a really good week and I've learned a lot. I really enjoy
this work and getting to work with so many different people, it's such
a blessing :)

Elder Daniel

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to Skien

Dear All,  
Skien is a great place! Things were kind of slow this past week since almost everyone was busy with the holiday's but it was cool seeing a new area :) My new companion is Elder Linge and he's from Orem, Utah. We have a lot of things in common and we get along really well. So far it's been a blast working together :) It's only been half a week but I've had a good time. Things have been going really well with the whole being district leader and all, no stress :) I held my first district meeting on Friday and that was pretty fun haha. I've just kinda taken everything as it comes and it's all worked out.  
Thanks for putting my name on the prayers rolls. It's interesting that you just barely did that cuz I see now where that extra help came from :) Church on Sunday was very busy with meeting all the member's for the first time and what not. I made it a goal to meet/talk to as many member's as possible so I can start getting to know them better, quicker. The ward here is awesome too!  
In priesthood meeting the lesson was actually going through the first lesson in Preach My Gospel, so that was nice. Pretty cool to have already studied, many times, the topic that's being covered in the class. Anyway, since we as missionaries do have the lesson's pretty well down he asked me to give them an example teach of the lesson in front of everyone. Of course not me along with my companion, no no, just me haha. I was to be teaching another brother in the ward and he was to be "the investigator." The funny thing was I was a little nervous at first but after we got going I wasn't nervous at all :) It went really well and I enjoyed it a lot. They gave some good comments and feedback afterwards also. I have to say it was a little bit more involvement than I had expected for my first day but hey it was fun :)  
New Year's eve was really fun too! We were invited over to a huge family party and we got to stay out til 1 in the morning haha. I pretty much did the same thing I've done many other new year's eve parties, eat a ton of delicious food/dessert all night until midnight :) Oh and we got to sleep in the next day as well so that was nice. I got to play the drums a lot too cuz three of the boys in the family have their own band and they were actually really good. Ben, the one who plays the drums, asked if either of us played an instrument before our mission's. I told him I played drums for a while so he handed me the sticks haha. I then realized how little I remember how to play haha but it was fun anyway. Every song they played I knew so that was cool too :) Kinda wish I spent more time practicing when I was younger haha. Well maybe I'll pick up something when I get home. I think I'm a little bit better at being disciplined enough to learn new things and practice. So I had a fun new year's eve, but I didn't even think to take pictures until the end when we all went outside for fireworks.. The picture I sent if of the giant bonfire they made before lighting off fireworks, it was pretty sweet :)  
It was great to hear from you. I hope you have wonderful day today :) 
Love,  Daniel