Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to Skien

Dear All,  
Skien is a great place! Things were kind of slow this past week since almost everyone was busy with the holiday's but it was cool seeing a new area :) My new companion is Elder Linge and he's from Orem, Utah. We have a lot of things in common and we get along really well. So far it's been a blast working together :) It's only been half a week but I've had a good time. Things have been going really well with the whole being district leader and all, no stress :) I held my first district meeting on Friday and that was pretty fun haha. I've just kinda taken everything as it comes and it's all worked out.  
Thanks for putting my name on the prayers rolls. It's interesting that you just barely did that cuz I see now where that extra help came from :) Church on Sunday was very busy with meeting all the member's for the first time and what not. I made it a goal to meet/talk to as many member's as possible so I can start getting to know them better, quicker. The ward here is awesome too!  
In priesthood meeting the lesson was actually going through the first lesson in Preach My Gospel, so that was nice. Pretty cool to have already studied, many times, the topic that's being covered in the class. Anyway, since we as missionaries do have the lesson's pretty well down he asked me to give them an example teach of the lesson in front of everyone. Of course not me along with my companion, no no, just me haha. I was to be teaching another brother in the ward and he was to be "the investigator." The funny thing was I was a little nervous at first but after we got going I wasn't nervous at all :) It went really well and I enjoyed it a lot. They gave some good comments and feedback afterwards also. I have to say it was a little bit more involvement than I had expected for my first day but hey it was fun :)  
New Year's eve was really fun too! We were invited over to a huge family party and we got to stay out til 1 in the morning haha. I pretty much did the same thing I've done many other new year's eve parties, eat a ton of delicious food/dessert all night until midnight :) Oh and we got to sleep in the next day as well so that was nice. I got to play the drums a lot too cuz three of the boys in the family have their own band and they were actually really good. Ben, the one who plays the drums, asked if either of us played an instrument before our mission's. I told him I played drums for a while so he handed me the sticks haha. I then realized how little I remember how to play haha but it was fun anyway. Every song they played I knew so that was cool too :) Kinda wish I spent more time practicing when I was younger haha. Well maybe I'll pick up something when I get home. I think I'm a little bit better at being disciplined enough to learn new things and practice. So I had a fun new year's eve, but I didn't even think to take pictures until the end when we all went outside for fireworks.. The picture I sent if of the giant bonfire they made before lighting off fireworks, it was pretty sweet :)  
It was great to hear from you. I hope you have wonderful day today :) 
Love,  Daniel

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