Friday, March 11, 2011

March 7, 2011

Dear All,

Well the investigator that said she was going to call the police
actually ended up not calling the police but she's taking a break from
investigating the church right now. Guess she has to take care of some
psychological difficulties for now. So don't know about that one but
we're still on the search for more people seeking the truth :)

On Saturday night we were invited to a one year anniversary dinner for
two of our investigator's. It was way cool cuz they had a few other
friends there as well which made for great opportunity to talk about
the gospel (Especially since we were in suits and had missionary
name tags on). At one point the entire dinner conversation turned to us
and everyone was listening to what we do and why. It was exciting cuz
usually people are more afraid to talk when we're out on the streets
but at a dinner like that it was interesting to see how much people
actually wonder.

Another time when we were teaching the same two investigator's they
had a friend show up unexpectedly. She had a little extra time and
decided to sit in on the teach for a bit. I could definitely feel she
wasn't too interested to hear but rather to raise argument or show
that she knew more than us since she was much older. It was kinda
funny cuz she expected us to react and argue but when we responded
calmly and moved on with teaching she wasn't too happy. Her final
comments before leaving were to declare that Elder Whitehead and I are
all too young to know the truth of things like this. When you're at
that age you see the world and everything around you as perfect and
happy haha. I thought by then we'd have to whip out the boxing gloves
and start up a match but that was all she wanted to say. It all ended
well though cuz our investigator's were basically bearing testimony
about the church as she tried to convince them otherwise so that was
cool to see :)



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