Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello All,

This week has been a really good one and I've learned a lot. Do you
ever have those moments where you're reading in the scriptures and you
come across something you've read or learned about many times before
but this time it clicks in a different way? That happened to me as I
was reading and pondering about the love of God. Suddenly it just
clicked and I think I felt a small bit of how much love He really has
for us. I think it's quite a bit :)

On Thursday, I went on splits in Tønsberg. I had just gotten back from
a Leadership Training Meeting in Oslo so I was excited to try some
things I had just learned. As we began our day with contacting people
on the streets things just weren't working out quite the same as they
did when I was in Oslo. Okay, before I go on with that story I need to
explain what happened in Oslo. So we did a finding activity where each
of us were assigned a companion and an area that we would be in. We
were told to set some goals, pray about them and then go to that area.
After we set some good goals and prayed we were on our way. Before
even getting to our assigned area we stopped a guy who turned out to
be interested. He walked with us back to the institute center and we
taught him there. He accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to meet
again. This happened once more in almost the exact same way except it
took us even less time to find the next person, who was a lady from
Brazil. Basically it was a miracle that we found both of these people
in so short of time and since they were both so positive.

Anyway, I wanted to have this same type of experience while on splits
in Tønsberg but we soon found that it wasn't working. I was so puzzled
and unsure as to what it was we were doing wrong. We stopped to talk
about it and prayed to Heavenly Father for guidance. We soon realized
that while everything "mechanically" was spot on, those who we spoke
to could not feel how much we cared about them or our message. We then
prayed that we could have an increase of love for the people and we
went on our way. The third person we talked to stopped, was
interested, and we taught him right there on the street. After the
second or third positive person we couldn't wait to talk to the next
guy coming our way. We started crossing the street back and forth in
order to talk to everyone. It felt so good and I didn't ever want to
stop :) It was really cool!

My scripture of last week has been Ether chapter 2 and 3, the story of
the Jaredites building barges and then needing something to provide
light as they sailed across the ocean. I find it interesting how they
solve this problem. Especially when the Lord asks the brother of Jared
what it is that he would have him do to solve their problem. Instead
of giving him the answer he allows the brother of Jared the chance to
grow in faith. So he polishes up some stones and tells the Lord to
touch the stones so they will give light. Then, because he had so much
faith in the Lord he first see's the Lord's finger and then the rest
of him.

I've thought about this story many times this week. I think many times
I expect Heavenly Father to just solve my problems or make them go
away instead of studying out a solution then going to him after, like
it says in D&C 9:8. The brother of Jared probably thought it was
somewhat silly, bringing a bunch of polished rocks and having the Lord
make them light up, but that was the best he could come up with and so
the Lord accepted it.

I've tried to follow this process more with all challenges I face and
I have to admit I was pretty surprised at how things have been working
out. Heavenly Father is there to help us but he loves us so much that
he'll allow us to grow and learn for ourselves and then filling in
where we lack.

Personal revelation and the power of prayer are both so great. I'm
grateful to have these gifts available to us!



ps. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." I really like this
quote. Every time I came across something and started to think it was
way too hard I'd try to focus on how simple it really is. The gospel
is so great that way. It's all simply there, we just have to apply it.

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