Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conference was pretty awesome!‏‏

Dear All,

I must admit that conference was just wonderful! I'm pretty sure a good number of those
talks were written personally to me cuz they applied so well :) There
were quite a few talks that stood out to me that were about pain,
trials and afflictions we go through in life. Considering the
headaches and sinus problems that seem to occur on a regular basis,
those talks really hit home for me :) It is amazing to me how fine
tuned the spirit can be to be able to speak to each one of our need's
in such a worldwide conference.

We don't have any baptisms coming up but we just started teaching a
lady named Gerd who is pretty cool. She had a ton of questions the
first time we met with her and she was so anxious to learn more. It
was sweet to see the spirit leading the teach as well.

In comparing Skien to Arendal, I think I like Arendal better. Although
I did get to see Arendal both during the winter and summer times. Here
I've just seen winter and a little spring but it still isn't quite as
pretty as Arendal. The ward here is definitely bigger and I don't have
to give as many talks haha.

I've been learning Nepalese from a Nepalese family who's in the ward
here. They were baptized about a year ago and we get to have family
home evening with them almost every Monday :) They also make a huge
dinner with tons of rice for everyone haha.



ps. Here's a picture of my district :)

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