Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm moving to .... Oslo!

Dear All,

I'll be moving this coming Wednesday to Oslo. I don't think it is
coincidence that I'm moving back there. Anyway, I'm pretty happy to be going to Oslo for next transfer. My new
companion is Elder Stewart, who is a good guy. I served around him
quite often when I was in Arendal and I got to know him pretty well. I
am excited to move and quite a bit relieved at the same time. I'm
hoping for the best :)

When you mentioned that about how there's "never a dull moment around
here" it reminded me of when Elder Holland in the last general
conference quotes Harold B. Lee he said, "the gospel is 'to comfort
the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable." I thought it was kinda
funny and interesting how the Lord helps us to grow by "afflicting" us
with challenges and also comforts us when we've fallen lower then we
ever thought possible.



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