Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oslo is Good!

Dear All,

Concerning the work here in Oslo, there is a woman we met on the first day I got
to Oslo. Her name is Solange. We were on our way back to the apartment
to each lunch when I saw this lady walking towards us and I felt like
we should talk to her. She didn't have time then but was really
interested in hearing more about the Book of Mormon. Since that day
we've met with her a couple of times and just the other day we
happened to see her walking home from work. She told us that "...ever
since I met you guys I have just felt so happy and positive. I came
home from work last night at 11 o'clock and started reading from the
book you gave me (the Book of Mormon) until 12:30 am. Now today,
everything has been going so good. I feel like this new light is in my
life, even though I am going through a divorce as well. So since I
have met you guys things have been really good."

I have no doubt that we were meant to find her at the time we did. She
has two 4 year-old boys, works at a restaurant so has way crazy hours
and is going through a divorce. Heavenly Father definitely know's his
children and wants to help them. The Book of Mormon is a wonderful
source of feeling peace, joy and the spirit. And it's such a fantastic
message really! It being the "keystone" makes it the way we can know
the answer for ourselves. It's either all true or it's not right?



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