Monday, June 6, 2011


I started reading through the Pearl of Great Price a few days ago and
the book of Moses is really cool. In the very first chapter just after
Moses had been in the presence of God, Satan appears to him and says
"Moses, son of man, worship me." I love what Moses says in verse 13,
"Who art thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his
Only Begotten..." When Satan confronted him, Moses knew of which
divine nature and noble right he had. He being considered of similar
worth as the Savior, the Only Begotten Son. What incredible worth! As
I read that I felt a stronger feeling of how much we truly are worth
to our Father in Heaven. He loves us no matter what :)

I'm not sure what happened with our guy from Spain. I think he might
have gone on vacation to Spain cuz we haven't been able to reach him.
We taught another guy again this week though. He's from Nigeria and he
really liked the Plan of Salvation. It was funny cuz after everything
new we said that he hadn't heard about before he would say "What?
Where is that in the Bible? Show it to me." Haha it was fun to teach
him. My comp is way good at remembering where everything is in the
scriptures so that was nice. I can remember what the scriptures say
but I don't remember the references like he does so we make a good
team :)

Thank you for sharing the story from Bishop Barton's testimony with
me. I think it's true, the trials we receive are opportunities to come
closer to Heavenly Father even though it can be difficult to
understand that that's why we receive many trials.

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