Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 3

Dear All,

The stuff that happened in Oslo has definitely been a topic of
conversation around here. I haven't heard about any members being
around it when it happened so I think all is well there. All the
missionaries are alright though. I guess President Johansen made a
statement on KSL, don't know if you heard it or not? Anyway it was a
crazy situation. We were eating dinner at a member's house and they
had the news on so we heard all about it.

It has been a good week, thanks for all your prayers :) This ward is
way awesome about feeding us so I've been eating really well haha.
Last week I think we ate dinner at a member's house everyday. It's
been awesome cuz I've really been able to get to know everyone better.
Oh and everyone asks me how long I've been out on a mission then say,
"Oh, you don't have much time left." so pretty much I could not forget
how short time I have left cuz I have a small reminder at least once a
day ;-)

On Sunday we talked with a really cool guy who's dating a member in
the ward. He's been reading in the Gospel Principles book and had a
bunch of questions for us, it was great! I had a lot of fun trying to
answer each question. It was good too cuz at the beginning of the week
I felt like I needed to read more from the scriptures, so I did :) I
pretty much have been spending an hour just studying the scriptures
everyday and it has been so cool. I've just been haulin' through the
Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon. What was even cooler
(almost ice cold) about it was that people would have some question
and I had maybe just studied it that day or the day before. The
scriptures are just so powerful and have so many answers in them.

Oh so guess what else?! We ate dinner at a family's house and the mom
is American. All her kids spoke way good English and ya know what she
made for dinner, pancakes and bacon. Breakfast for dinner, not a
Norwegian thing but for sure an American thing haha.

In other news things are going well. Have a happy Pioneer Day :)



Monday, July 18, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 2

So I haven't heard too much more about the investigator in Oslo. She's not being taught right now cuz she's on vacation but I know the Elders in Oslo have
been keeping pretty good contact.

This week was kind of a slower one than usual.. Alot of people have
been busy or on vacation which left more time to contact people on the
street. We were contacting in the city all day on Saturday and talked
with a lot of people. We ate kebab's for lunch and while we were
eating one of the guys who worked there started talking to us. He's
lived all over the place and has met the missionaries in different
parts of Norway. It was pretty cool talking with him.

We had zone conference on Tuesday. It was a pretty good experience and
President had many good things to say as usual. One thing I
particularly liked was when he talked about coming to know God. How we
come to know Him as we strive to do His will and serve others. It was
really good.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Fredrikstad week 1 - I beat my companion in ping pong :)‏

Dear all,

Yeah so I found out that the address I was given is actually wrong but
even though it's wrong anything addressed to the one I gave you still
comes to us so no worries there :) Thanks for sending the card.. The
real address is...

Dalkleven 11
1671 Kråkerøy

You made your own Vanilla Sugar? Wow, you are amazing :) That is way
awesome mom! I can't wait to try it this Christmas.

Things have been going pretty well since I arrived here in
Fredrikstad. The day after I got here we had dinner with the Bishop
and his family. It was nice to get to know them and his kids are way
fun. The Bishop's wife made some really delicious Philippino food. We
were actually going to be eating dinner with them again on Sunday so
she asked if we wanted anything special. I suggested spring rolls (cuz
they are fantastic) and she happened to have some already made, it was
great :)

On Friday we went and visited the Hooper family and they are a way
awesome family! Two of the kids in that are going to be getting
baptized soon and I'm excited for them. Jack, the dad, is a funny guy.
He turned on the song "Honky Tonk Badonky donk" and did this
ridiculous dance to it haha, I could not stop laughing.

Saturday I had the district meeting with my new district. The district
only has me and my comp (of course) and then two Elders from Moss.
They're all really cool guys and they each bring something good to the
group so it's fun stuff :) I think it's going to be a fun transfer.

My first Sunday here was very busy. Pretty much everyone came up and
welcomed me into the ward, it was way cool. I was able to talk with a
lot of really good people who have some amazing conversion stories.
Haha in sacrament meeting I was kinda caught off guard though when I
heard the bishops counselor announce that, "our first speaker today
will be the new missionary, Elder Farrer. He will be taking five
minutes to talk to us today." No one said anything to me about it
beforehand so I was somewhat put on the spot, but it turned out okay
so it was all good :) I was asked to prepare a 15 minute talk for next
week as well haha. Welcome to the ward right ;-)

Basically I'm happy with where I'm at now. Fredrikstad is has a lot of
green country area around it which I enjoy so much :) It's nice to not
be in such a busy city. My comp, Elder Perry, is a way awesome guy and
we've been having a lot of fun together. I think it's going to be a
real good transfer :)

That's cool that Elder Stulen has been dropping by from time to time.
Can you tell him hello from me next time you see him? I miss him too,
he's such a good guy!

I hope you have a truly meaningful week and enjoy all the precious
moments that come your way :)



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hello All,

So guess what? We found Emma! It was so awesome how it all went down.
What happened was that we went to visit the address you gave me and
knocked on the door. No one answered so we just left a card with a
little note and our number on it. Later one that night she sent us a
text and said she got the note and was excited to meet with us! We met
a few days after that and she even brought a friend with her to hear
as well. She said she really wants to get baptized but her mom is
against it. The law says that she can but she's worried about how her
mom will react. Now we're trying to figure out ways we can show her
mom that we're not so dangerous people so hopefully she'll change her
mind soon :) She's way cool though and the teach we had with her went
way well.

Oh so I have another "guess what?" I'm moving to Fredrikstad on
Wednesday and my new companion will be Elder Perry. I've heard a lot
of good things about the area and also about Elder Perry so I'm
excited to go there :)

On Tuesday Elder Mathews (an Elder in my district) got a surprise call
from the president and was told he'd be moving early to Stavanger, in
fact he would be leaving early the next morning. He happened to be on
splits with my comp and I since his comp was interviewing someone for
baptism in another area. So we had to hang around with him while he
packed for a little while and did some last minute things before
flying out the next day haha it was kind of a surprise.

Thursday we had the opportunity to go to Sandvika for a baptism that
the Elders there had. They needed my comp to play the piano cuz I
guess all the pianists in the ward were either busy or on vacation
haha. It was a peaceful experience. We got there a little early so I
had the opportunity to play a little on the organ. The only songs I
could think of at the time were apologize and viva la vida :) They
sounded pretty sweet once I started using the base foot pedals and
all. It was exciting.

We got to teach our investigator from Pakistan again this week. He's
been really busy so it was kinda hard to meet but it was awesome to
read the Book of Mormon with him. He works as a Taxi driver and keeps
suggesting that we call him sometime soon so he can drive us somewhere
haha. I haven't taken him up on his offer yet but we'll see ;)

I played volleyball today for p-day and it was a riot. The stakes were
pretty high too. For every game you lost your team had to do ten push
ups (sisters included). If you lost the series you had to do thirty
push ups. So we were winning for a while in the beginning but the
tables turned and my team ended up doing the thirty push ups. It was
kinda lame but I got a great workout out of it haha.