Monday, July 11, 2011

Fredrikstad week 1 - I beat my companion in ping pong :)‏

Dear all,

Yeah so I found out that the address I was given is actually wrong but
even though it's wrong anything addressed to the one I gave you still
comes to us so no worries there :) Thanks for sending the card.. The
real address is...

Dalkleven 11
1671 Kråkerøy

You made your own Vanilla Sugar? Wow, you are amazing :) That is way
awesome mom! I can't wait to try it this Christmas.

Things have been going pretty well since I arrived here in
Fredrikstad. The day after I got here we had dinner with the Bishop
and his family. It was nice to get to know them and his kids are way
fun. The Bishop's wife made some really delicious Philippino food. We
were actually going to be eating dinner with them again on Sunday so
she asked if we wanted anything special. I suggested spring rolls (cuz
they are fantastic) and she happened to have some already made, it was
great :)

On Friday we went and visited the Hooper family and they are a way
awesome family! Two of the kids in that are going to be getting
baptized soon and I'm excited for them. Jack, the dad, is a funny guy.
He turned on the song "Honky Tonk Badonky donk" and did this
ridiculous dance to it haha, I could not stop laughing.

Saturday I had the district meeting with my new district. The district
only has me and my comp (of course) and then two Elders from Moss.
They're all really cool guys and they each bring something good to the
group so it's fun stuff :) I think it's going to be a fun transfer.

My first Sunday here was very busy. Pretty much everyone came up and
welcomed me into the ward, it was way cool. I was able to talk with a
lot of really good people who have some amazing conversion stories.
Haha in sacrament meeting I was kinda caught off guard though when I
heard the bishops counselor announce that, "our first speaker today
will be the new missionary, Elder Farrer. He will be taking five
minutes to talk to us today." No one said anything to me about it
beforehand so I was somewhat put on the spot, but it turned out okay
so it was all good :) I was asked to prepare a 15 minute talk for next
week as well haha. Welcome to the ward right ;-)

Basically I'm happy with where I'm at now. Fredrikstad is has a lot of
green country area around it which I enjoy so much :) It's nice to not
be in such a busy city. My comp, Elder Perry, is a way awesome guy and
we've been having a lot of fun together. I think it's going to be a
real good transfer :)

That's cool that Elder Stulen has been dropping by from time to time.
Can you tell him hello from me next time you see him? I miss him too,
he's such a good guy!

I hope you have a truly meaningful week and enjoy all the precious
moments that come your way :)



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