Monday, July 18, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 2

So I haven't heard too much more about the investigator in Oslo. She's not being taught right now cuz she's on vacation but I know the Elders in Oslo have
been keeping pretty good contact.

This week was kind of a slower one than usual.. Alot of people have
been busy or on vacation which left more time to contact people on the
street. We were contacting in the city all day on Saturday and talked
with a lot of people. We ate kebab's for lunch and while we were
eating one of the guys who worked there started talking to us. He's
lived all over the place and has met the missionaries in different
parts of Norway. It was pretty cool talking with him.

We had zone conference on Tuesday. It was a pretty good experience and
President had many good things to say as usual. One thing I
particularly liked was when he talked about coming to know God. How we
come to know Him as we strive to do His will and serve others. It was
really good.



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