Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 3

Dear All,

The stuff that happened in Oslo has definitely been a topic of
conversation around here. I haven't heard about any members being
around it when it happened so I think all is well there. All the
missionaries are alright though. I guess President Johansen made a
statement on KSL, don't know if you heard it or not? Anyway it was a
crazy situation. We were eating dinner at a member's house and they
had the news on so we heard all about it.

It has been a good week, thanks for all your prayers :) This ward is
way awesome about feeding us so I've been eating really well haha.
Last week I think we ate dinner at a member's house everyday. It's
been awesome cuz I've really been able to get to know everyone better.
Oh and everyone asks me how long I've been out on a mission then say,
"Oh, you don't have much time left." so pretty much I could not forget
how short time I have left cuz I have a small reminder at least once a
day ;-)

On Sunday we talked with a really cool guy who's dating a member in
the ward. He's been reading in the Gospel Principles book and had a
bunch of questions for us, it was great! I had a lot of fun trying to
answer each question. It was good too cuz at the beginning of the week
I felt like I needed to read more from the scriptures, so I did :) I
pretty much have been spending an hour just studying the scriptures
everyday and it has been so cool. I've just been haulin' through the
Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon. What was even cooler
(almost ice cold) about it was that people would have some question
and I had maybe just studied it that day or the day before. The
scriptures are just so powerful and have so many answers in them.

Oh so guess what else?! We ate dinner at a family's house and the mom
is American. All her kids spoke way good English and ya know what she
made for dinner, pancakes and bacon. Breakfast for dinner, not a
Norwegian thing but for sure an American thing haha.

In other news things are going well. Have a happy Pioneer Day :)



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