Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 6 Fredrikstad

This week was kind of slow in some ways and exciting in others. We got invited to a bunch of barbeque's throughout the week and they were all way fun! One family made delicious, homemade hamburger's that were pretty comparable to the ones we have. Yumm, grilled food is tasty.

On Tuesday we had a conference in Romerike. President talked to us about Ether 12:27 and how it says that God gives us weakness. I've read that scripture a ton of times but it didn't really click before that He gives us our weaknesses so that we will be humble and come to Him. So we recognize our weakness and then take it to the Lord. Use the Atonement in a proactive way so that weakness will be made into a strength. I've been trying it with some of my weaknesses and it's been cool to see how much Christ will make up for if I willingly let go of the weakness.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 5 Fredrikstad

This week has been a pretty busy one. On one of the days we went to
help a lady in the ward move a bunch of rocks from one side of the
yard to the other. It was a good work out and since we don't get
opportunities to do that too often it was nice. It reminded me a lot
of working in the yard back home :) Not too many things beat some good
ol manual labor. She made us a fantastic dinner afterward with this
elk meat that was from a friend who shot the animal on their land so
it was just about as natural as they come haha it was delicious.

Sunday was a really good day as well. We got a lot done and it felt
good. After church we taught one of the really cool recent converts
about the Priesthood. As we were talking with him the Bishop was
locking up the church and asked if we'd help him bring the sacrament
to two sisters from the ward. The recent convert we were teaching
became a Priest not too long ago and hadn't blessed the sacrament yet.
It was a really sweet experience when he read through it for the first
time. We finished our second visit when the Bishop says, "Hey, I think
another member lives close by here, let's drop by." That happened a
couple of times, it was great :) The last guy we visited offered us
some juice and since my comp and I were still fasting we declined. Of
course the Bishop was fasting as well. It was nearly 7pm by this time
and we decided it was probably time to call it a day. Time really flew
when we were out visiting everyone. It was awesome cuz I didn't really
think of how I was hungry. I think we were all blessed with the Spirit
in doing the Lord's work :)

We went crab hunting again today and got back kinda late..
Unfortunately we didn't catch any this time cuz it was way too stormy.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 4

Dear all,

On Saturday we had a double baptism. Two awesome people got baptized
and it was cool. Their step mom sang "Families Can Be Together
Forever" along with guitar accompaniment and then my comp and I sang
"As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth EFY Medley" with
her and another lady from the ward. The next day before sacrament
meeting the Bishop asked us to sing it again. I was kinda caught off
guard haha didn't think I'd have to sing one more time..

It was crazy though cuz we spent almost two days trying to find the
dad some pants so he could baptize both his kids. Supposedly someone
had even gone to Sweden to get some but they didn't have them so we
ended up driving all over the place looking. We finally found some and
after that everything else just fell into place :)

Today we went out to a place called Hvaler. It's a nice beach/ocean
area and it was way awesome! As you can see from the pictures we went
crab hunting. I caught a couple crabs but just threw 'em back in the
water of course. The second one I caught was way huge and that's in
the picture without my face in it. It was cool cuz we'd use meat from
muscles to lure the crabs out of hiding. I found this one place that
had a ton of crabs in it. There were three of them and they all
started fightin over a piece of meat haha. Finally this big ol crab
came side steppin out from some seaweed right in front of me so I went
for it and got it, it was sick :) We're totally gonna go do it again
next p-day, I'm excited.

Better get goin..