Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fredrikstad Week 4

Dear all,

On Saturday we had a double baptism. Two awesome people got baptized
and it was cool. Their step mom sang "Families Can Be Together
Forever" along with guitar accompaniment and then my comp and I sang
"As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth EFY Medley" with
her and another lady from the ward. The next day before sacrament
meeting the Bishop asked us to sing it again. I was kinda caught off
guard haha didn't think I'd have to sing one more time..

It was crazy though cuz we spent almost two days trying to find the
dad some pants so he could baptize both his kids. Supposedly someone
had even gone to Sweden to get some but they didn't have them so we
ended up driving all over the place looking. We finally found some and
after that everything else just fell into place :)

Today we went out to a place called Hvaler. It's a nice beach/ocean
area and it was way awesome! As you can see from the pictures we went
crab hunting. I caught a couple crabs but just threw 'em back in the
water of course. The second one I caught was way huge and that's in
the picture without my face in it. It was cool cuz we'd use meat from
muscles to lure the crabs out of hiding. I found this one place that
had a ton of crabs in it. There were three of them and they all
started fightin over a piece of meat haha. Finally this big ol crab
came side steppin out from some seaweed right in front of me so I went
for it and got it, it was sick :) We're totally gonna go do it again
next p-day, I'm excited.

Better get goin..



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