Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week11 Fredrikstad Autumn

Actually that past few days, including this morning, have been very good days :) Mom, I've been just edging to tell you this but it just clicked for me a little earlier today. So I didn't forget that you were going to fast for me I just hadn't thought about too much.. I am so grateful that you did though cuz it did a lot for me! For quite a long time Sundays have been fairly tough for me cuz of the stress and things that have to get done during church each week. This Sunday was different.. We actually had to do more than usual. We had to teach one class and then sing in Sacrament meeting. The day before I felt nervous but not like usual. Sunday morning came and I found myself able to notice when I started to feel anxious and even able to relax right after that. Which is not usually how it goes haha.. You may recall the last time I had to do something in front of the entire ward I was very nervous and sweat like crazy. Can you guess what happened this time? I didn't sweat at all, I was calm and able to sing with everything I had :-) It was a miracle.

I was comfortable all day at church. I had so many good conversations with people. It felt like a dam had been built to hold back all my blessings and suddenly the dam was broken haha. It was fantastic. My second miracle goes something like this.. A teacher from one of the local high school's called a few weeks ago and asked if we would come present the church to three different class periods. So this has kind of been something I've been dreading for a while just cuz of what has happened in the past when I've spoken in front of large groups.. But this time was different. This morning I woke up and I was nervous haha.. We began with the first presentation that would last 45 minutes. I was nervous up until I started to speak and then it was not a problem. I didn't sweat like a wild man ;) The Lord blessed me with the ability to say what I wanted to say and what he needed me to say. It was probably the most calm I've ever been, while giving a presentation, in my entire life. So thank you, mom, for your fasting that brought about miracles in my life.

On the mission front things are going nicely. We've been teaching a lot more lately and it has been really fun! One spiritual thought I've been sharing with members is from Abraham 3:4. Here it talks about how one day for the Lord is 1,000 years for us. I think it's cool to think about this scripture because if you say, for example, each person lives to be 80 years old. According to the Lord's time that would be approximately two hours. We're only on this Earth for a very short time. We may have many trials and challenges but if we endure for a time we will find lasting joy, peace and happiness to come. I heard a quote that says, "You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough." This thought has helped me to put many of my difficulties into perspective and to see all the blessings around me, which are many. Just a thought for the week :) I feel like that kind of sums up how my week went.

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