Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week13 Fredrikstad

Conference was soo good! There were so many things that just hit right home for me. We didn't get to see the Afternoon session on Sunday so I'm looking forward to watching it sometime soon but the rest were good. I really liked listening to President Monson, he was way funny and had very clear messages. I didn't write down much from what he said cuz I was listening so closely the whole time haha. I especially enjoyed what President Uchtdorf spoke about if you're ever feeling insignificant or alone, remember how much you matter to Him. It was a good one :)

I thought it was cool too how much we were encouraged to read the Book of Mormon to gain the Spirit more abundantly in our lives. It's such a powerful book, I'm so grateful we have it to read! It's so true, and it's true that the more you read the closer you come to Heavenly Father. I love reading in the scriptures.



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